Find Top-Rated California Attorneys For Workers Compensation Claims

Updated: Mar 12

Filing for workers compensation in Los Angeles isn't easy, you should consult with pre-screened lawyers.

You could be entitled to employee health payments if you are an employee who has sustained a work-related accident or illness. Unfortunately, even though they are valid, employers or their insurance providers routinely reject workers' comp claims, leaving injured employees to face a complex system of appeals. Many applicants simply give up at that point, while others try their best to manage the system independently.

If you're injured on the job, you should immediately contact a California Bar Certified Worker's Compensation Lawyer Referral Service to have your claim reviewed FREE of charge.

That said, let's talk about workers' comp, why you need it, and why you need to find prescreened Compensation Lawyers in California.

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Hiring a Workers Compensation Lawyers in Los Angeles

Hiring a dedicated benefits workers' compensation attorney for employers would give you a much better chance of having the advantages you deserve. An attorney will consult on your behalf with the workers' comp insurer, obtain medical documentation that supports your allegation, negotiate a good settlement, and represent you at the comp hearing of the employees.

The claims adjusters and lawyers working for the insurance firm do not look out for you, and, for dubious motives, they would not hesitate to deny your bona fide claim. Fortunately, a professional and competent workers' comp attorney in Los Angeles may do many things to tip the scales in your favor.

There's a lot of Employment Lawyers in Los Angeles, so it's important that you get a referral to a pre-screened, reputable and experienced workers' compensation attorney from a California Bar certified referral service.

Developing Medical, Vocational, and Other Evidence

Perhaps the most common explanation of why workers' comp claims are rejected is inadequate medical evidence. Even if your application is approved, if you have good medical evidence that supports your argument, you are more likely to receive all of the medical attention you need and all of the other benefits you deserve. A top-rated workers compensation defense lawyer may assist in the production of medical evidence by:

  • Organizing medical records

  • Organizing or suggesting counseling for some doctors

  • Obtaining medical advice from the doctors you treat and by an unbiased medical exam

  • Representing you when you've been called to appear at a deposition and answer questions, and

  • Conducting medical experts' depositions.

There are some other kinds of proof that might help your argument, including:

  • Testimony from a vocational specialist on the physical demands of your career

  • Statements about your everyday activities or statements from friends and family members

  • Proof that shows the history of inadequate workplace safety or lack of training by your employer.

Based on the case's strengths and limitations, an experienced workers' comp lawyer in California can understand what proof is required to increase the likelihood of a favorable result. The best workers' compensation lawyers in California know that it takes evidence and a strong, well-planned case to win a California Employment Claim.

Settlement Deals Negotiating and Structuring Workers' Comp Claims

A workers ' comp attorney has the advantage of being able to estimate how much your case is worth when it is time to negotiate with the insurance firm of your employer to settle, i.e., the amount of compensation you can receive, depending on a variety of factors, including:

  • The scope of your injuries and the consequent limits of what you can do

  • As well as the cost of medical care you will need in the future, your past medical expenses.

  • If you have lasting disabilities and, if so, the degree to which you are permanently disabled.

  • If your employer owes you benefits and penalties for late payments for past temporary disability (wage loss) and penalties for late payments, and

  • Your preceding wages.