California Break Laws: Everything You Need To Know In 2022

Meal And Rest Breaks In California Employment Law

You probably have regularly planned meals and rest breaks incorporated into your shift no matter where you work in California. However, when employees inquire about these breaks, many are surprised to hear that federal law does not oblige employers to provide them. Instead, breaks are given out of courtesy and corporate policy, as most organizations recognize that tired and hungry employees are not very productive.

Employees in most organizations are only paid for their brief breaks, not their lunch breaks. Even though federal law does not make these breaks mandatory, state legislation in California does. Discuss your concerns with a California Employment Attorney if you have issues with your employer regarding food and rest breaks.

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Breaks (Paid And Unpaid)

Paid and unpaid breaks are frequently questioned under federal law when employees and employers have disagreements. Employers must, for example, pay employees for all hours worked, including lunch breaks, under federal law.

Thus, they must be compensated if they continue their work obligations during a scheduled break, such as a receptionist manning the front desk or a server having something to eat while waiting on tables.

If you're not getting the same payment or breaks, consult with a California Employment Attorney to sort things out.

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Meal Breaks