California Dog Bite Law

Updated: Jan 27

A Guide To Dog Bite Injuries In California

As much as we like to think that well-trained dogs will never hurt other people, there can be moments of fear and anxiety that would push a loving put to bite someone. Gentle dogs have been known to be hostile to people they think are attacking their owners in a fit of defensiveness. That said, if you were bit by someone's dog in California, the owner might be liable to pay for your medical and recovery expenses under California Personal Injury Laws.

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Recognizing the dangers that even the most tamed dogs might pose in certain settings, California has established legislation holding dog owners "strictly liable" for the injuries suffered by bite victims. With very few exceptions, this means that dog owners should compensate bite victims even if they were not responsible for the attack. This does not, however, imply that seeking compensation is going to be easy.

Owners (or, more commonly, their insurance companies) regularly fight back, and you'll almost always need the help of a Dog Bite Injury Attorney to secure the compensation you deserve.

When Can You Sue For Dog Bite Injuries In California?

Many people believe that there is no such thing as a vicious dog and that many aggressive canines are the result of neglect and poor living conditions. While the human impact on most dogs' temperament is significant, no one can ever predict how a dog would behave in every situation.

Military and law enforcement agencies both benefit from dogs. For example, if a police dog bites and restrains a fleeing suspect, the suspect may not be entitled to sue because the bite happened while the dog performed its duties. In addition, those who provoke dogs to attack or abuse them are also banned from alleging that a dog attacked in self-defense or retaliation.

If you've been seriously injured in a dog attack in California, who can help you receive the compensation and fair results you deserve? Who can guarantee that if a dog bite results in medical bills, scarring, or other injuries, your rights would be protected?

Contact a experienced, prescreened, and Top Rated Personal Injury Attorneys In Los Angeles to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

Defining "Dog Bite"

If a dog grabs a person with its teeth but doesn't break the skin, it may still be regarded as a bite. After a worker fell from his ladder after a dog clenched its jaws on his pants, the court determined that the animal's owner was responsible for the injuries.

Why Dogs Bite People

When dogs are frightened or intimidated, they'll try to fight back and defend themselves. However, dogs bite people for a variety of causes that are beyond their control.

The most common causes of dog bites are as follows:

  1. Illness and injuries. Even if a dog has never been violent before, it can become aggressive when sick or in pain from an injury. This is because they're always on the defensive, and anyone who touches a painful body part may be bitten.

  2. Fear. When a dog is terrified, it is more likely to attack. You could be approaching them too closely or in a way that makes them feel threatened. Your acts could be taken as a threat even though you weren't trying to provoke them.

  3. Playing and roughhousing. Playing is something that dogs like doing. However, an apparently harmless playtime could result in a dog bite injury if things get too rough or the dog becomes overly excited.

  4. Startling. Even if you didn't do anything to startle the dog, if you're standing or sitting close by, they might take out their fright on you.

  5. Protective instincts. Dogs can be irritating when it comes to their toys, food, and other personal belongings. For example, an innocent attempt to attract the dog to play fetch with the toy you're holding could end in a dog bite injury.

  6. Maternal instincts. Female dogs, in particular, are known to be passionate protectors of their puppies. So when the puppies are unsupervised or nursing, a mother dog may see your approach as a threat to their protection.

If you've done nothing to provoke the dog to bite, you should be able to seek compensation for your losses. A California Attorney For Personal Injury will be able to help you gather evidence that you did not do anything to prompt the injury.

What Should You Do After A Dog Bite?

The aftermath of a dog bite can be perplexing and terrifying. Still, it's also crucial for gathering the proof you'll need to seek compensation for your injuries. So if you've recently been bitten by a dog, take these steps to avoid further injury and infections, as well as to preserve evidence for your future lawsuit:

  1. Get to safety as quickly as possible. Go inside, jump in a car, or knock on someone's door to get away from the dog. As soon as you are secure from the threatening animal, you can seek aid.

  2. Make a 911 call if you're in danger. After making the call,