California Employee's Guide to Handling Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

How To Address California Sexual Harassment Claims

Sexual harassment could create an uncomfortable working environment that inhibits victims from performing their job. In addition, the emotional and mental effects on these victims can also be worrying. So, if you're a victim of California sexual harassment in the workplace, you need to address them ASAP.

That said, not many people know they have many options to address it. So, here's a brief guide to California sexual harassment and your possible options, as advised by a sexual harassment lawyer in California.

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What Is California Sexual Harassment Law?

California Sexual Harassment Law considers sexual harassment as a form of sex discrimination. Any physical and verbal conduct of a sexual nature is considered harassment. However, the definition has been extended to gender-based harassment and discrimination, regardless of whether the intention had been sexual or not.

However, this shouldn't deter male victims from taking action. Sexual harassment can happen to anyone, so you need to make a move the moment you spot the signs.

More details on California Sexual Harassment Laws

Sexual harassment is prohibited by federal and state legislation. According to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination. This law makes private employers, most public employers, labor unions, and employment agencies responsible for preventing or stopping sexual harassment in the workplace. According to the law, employers must take reasonable steps to avoid sexual harassment and stop it whenever they become aware of it.

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