How Do I Find An Honest Car Accident Attorney in California?

Updated: Apr 4

Know your rights after a car accident in Los Angeles, California.

More car accidents occur in California than any other state in the nation. After a car accident you not only have to deal with your injuries, insurance companies, loss of employment, physical recovery but you also have to find a competent and trust worthy car accident attorney.

Unlike popular belief, finding the right California Attorney For Personal Injury Claims isn't as easy as it appears to be. Los Angeles county alone has the highest cases of attorney misconduct, suspensions and attorney disbarments than any other county in California.

In this article, we will analyze all aspects of California Car Accident Laws, dealing with the aftermath of a car accident in California, and how to find reputable and honest legal representation.

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In this guide, the two possible scenarios if you are involved in a car accident in California:

A. If you've suffered bodily injuries, how do you find honest, reputable and trustworthy California Personal Injury Attorney and what are the advantages of working with a pre-screened lawyer.

B. If you get into a car accident and you have NOT suffered bodily injuries, how do you deal with the insurance company, auto body shops and avoid insurance fraud.

Top Personal Injury Lawyers in California will have ample experience and both scenarios, and know how to deal with each one effectively.

When Do You Need A Lawyer After A Car Accident?

Legal awareness is much more important if you (or someone you know) have sustained a permanent injury or spent considerable amounts of time away from work, your education, or social life. While you are not inherently expected to have an attorney, there are several reasons why it is a smart idea to employ a lawyer in California. You need to consider hiring a pre-screened California car accident lawyer if:

  • You sustained permanent or significant bodily injury.

  • If you were hospitalized for your injuries after the accident.

  • A family member has been seriously injured in your car.

  • If your car accident occurred in a construction area.

  • If anyone died as a result of the accident.

You will still need an attorney if AFTER the accident:

  • Your medical bills are over a hundred thousand dollars.

  • A clear account of what happened is not shown in the police report.

  • The fault is debatable.

  • You are unaware of your legal rights.

Finally, the reason you need a lawyer might be dealing with you insurance company. Consider hiring a pre-screened California Attorney For Personal Injury if:

  • There is concern about the documents and forms you have been issued by your insurance company since the accident.

  • Your insurance provider claims that you have not paid the premium.

  • You are not sure about the terms of your insurance policy.

  • By rejecting your coverage, refusing to pay your bills, or not agreeing to pay you what you are due, you believe your insurance provider behaves in bad faith.

  • Your insurer behaves strangely and ignores or is unkind/aggressive to you.

  • Your insurance firm has an attorney.

So, make sure you find a prescreened California auto accident attorney ASAP. Your Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney will know how to negotiate and deal with insurance companies, so they'll know how to preserve your claim and build a strong case for you.

What reward am I entitled to collect after a car accident?

There is so much to be done following a car accident, and much of it is expensive. A comp