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Top 10 Causes of Car Accidents in California

Updated: Nov 15

Learn the main causes of the serious auto-car accidents that mostly happen in California.

While not every car accident can be avoided, you may significantly reduce your odds by understanding the most common causes. Many accidents are caused by reckless or careless activity in California, such as driving while intoxicated, speeding, or driving while distracted.

In this post, we'll talk about California's most common causes of car accidents.

California Car Accidents

1. Driving While Intoxicated

Driving while under the influence (either of drugs or alcohol) is not the most common cause of collisions, but it is the deadliest. The drivers' reaction times under the influence of alcohol or drugs have slowed. Even some prescription drugs fall into this category. It's wise to play it safe and let someone else drive if you're unsure whether you've reached the legal limit under California's rules.

If you've been involved in an accident with a drunk driver, you should contact a Car Accident Attorneys In Los Angeles near you.

2. Driving While Distracted

The exact number of distracted driving incidents in California is unknown; however, it is a common cause of car accidents. Here are a few examples of distracted driving:

  • Texting

  • Looking Away

  • Eating

  • Reaching over for an object

  • Conversing with other passengers in the vehicle

Basically, anything taking your attention from the road can lead to accidents.

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3. Speeding

You might be inclined to speed up when you're pushed for time, yet speeding is the third greatest cause of car accidents. Because drivers have less reaction time when speeding, they are more likely to collide. In addition, speed-related crashes are more likely to be disastrous because of the high quantity of energy that must be released after an accident.

As mentioned, speeding can lead to catastrophic property damage and physical and emotional injuries. Consult a Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer to help you get the compensation you need.

4. Rain

When it rains, car accidents are common. This is because driving on wet roads may make things sloppy and unsafe. In addition, rain reduces visibility, increasing the risk of a collision.

5. Driving in the Dark

When it gets dark outside, visibility on the road becomes more difficult. You may not spot signs or people crossing the road as a driver. If you're driving at night, you should be even more cautious and use high beams if you're on a lonely road with no streetlights.

That said, drivers are still responsible for watching the road and keeping everyone around them safe. Hence, if you've been in an accident caused by a negligent driver, it's best to contact a Car Accident Attorneys In Los Angeles to help you collect damages for their negligence.

6. Trying to Beat Yellow or Red Lights

It is precarious to blow through a red light or accelerate through a yellow light. These types of collisions frequently result in a side-impact collision at high speeds, making them lethal.

7. Not Stopping at Stop Signs

Thousands of car accidents occur yearly when a driver fails to stop at a stop sign.

Again, traffic rules are there for a reason. If you got injured because someone else violated the traffic rules, they might be liable for your suffering injuries. Contact the best Los Angeles Car Accident Attorneys to start working on collecting damages.

8. Dangerous Driving

Speeding, numerous lane changes, and other aggressive driving behaviors can result in serious accidents. It's also a violation of the law. You risk being judged partially responsible for an accident caused by breaking traffic laws.

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9. Tailgating

Tailgating is when a car follows another vehicle too closely. You risk ramming into the motorist's vehicle ahead of you in the traffic lane since you have reduced your reaction time to any rapid changes by reducing your proximity.

10. Dangerous Lane Changes

Drivers who fail to check their mirrors, particularly their blind spots, risk colliding with another vehicle.

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