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Common Causes Of Car Accidents In Norwalk

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

The Main Culprits Of Car Crashes In Norwalk, California

Car crashes in Norwalk happen for various reasons. You will be affected by physical injuries and might also have to deal with financial constraints and emotional distress. You need to find out the cause of the accident to identify liable parties and file personal injury claims.

Here's a list of causes of car accidents in Norwalk, ones most commonly handled by our Norwalk Car Accident Attorneys.

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1. Driving While Distracted

While drunk driving receives a lot of attention from law enforcement and the media, inattentive driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents. In addition, eating, drinking, or conversing with other passengers can easily cause drivers to become distracted. However, using cell phones, texting, or other onboard equipment such as PS systems are drivers' most common sources of distraction.

Although California has multiple laws prohibiting cell phones, texting, and other wireless devices, distracted drivers cause numerous accidents yearly.

2. Drunk Driving

Despite increased public knowledge of the dangers of drunk driving, people continue to drive after drinking alcohol. On the other hand, drinking commonly impairs judgment, depth perception, and the capacity to focus and react to road conditions.

In California, a blood alcohol content (% of alcohol in the blood) of 0.08 or above is considered a DUI. Driving under the influence is a prominent cause of motor accident fatalities, despite drunk driving laws being strictly enforced and vigorously prosecuted.

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3. Speeding

Excessive speeding is risky because it gives drivers less time to react to changing traffic circumstances. Furthermore, speeding can result in high-impact incidents, serious injuries, or even death.

Pedestrians are particularly vulnerable, accounting for nearly half of all traffic fatalities in California despite only being involved in 14% of all crashes. Our Norwalk Car Accident Attorneys has also seen a lot of pedestrian accidents, some, unfortunately, leading to catastrophic injuries.

4. Incorrect Turns

Accidents can be avoided by using stop lights, designated turning lanes, and turn signals. Despite this, drivers routinely disobey the rules of the road and make dangerous bends, often resulting in fatalities. These are all examples:

  • Turning without signaling

  • Turning at a red light when there is a "no turn on the red sign"

  • Turning at a stop sign or red light without fully stopping

  • Tailing to surrender the right of way to vehicles or pedestrians of wrong turns

If you've been injured, lost income, or suffered emotional distress because of someone else's negligence, consider hiring a Norwalk Car Accident Attorneys.

5. Dangerous Driving

Reckless driving is a moving offense in California that can result in fines, jail time, and/or license suspension or revocation. However, disobeying the rules of the road continues to put reckless drivers and others at risk of harm or death. Driving under the influence, speeding, running red lights and stop signs, rapid braking, and tailgating are all reckless or aggressive driving.

6. Defects in Vehicles

Manufacturers and distributors of automobiles are responsible for ensuring that the vehicles they sell are safe. Furthermore, federal safety regulations are in place, and all automobiles must pass rigorous testing. Despite this, car flaws are involved in many accidents yearly, resulting in injuries and deaths.

For example, defective airbags, particularly those that failed to deploy or exploded upon contact, throwing deadly metal shards into the cabin, have recently been a prominent cause of death. Faulty brakes, tires, and steering components are other major vehicle flaws that contribute to car accidents and injuries.

7. Inclement Weather

When the weather is terrible, drivers must use extreme caution. When vehicles, motorcycles, and trucks brake, rainwater may make roadways slick and unsafe, causing them to skid, hydroplane, or spin away. Snow and ice, on the other hand, generate a variety of problems that might be exacerbated by those who do not know how to drive in adverse weather.

8. Construction of Highways

Drivers commonly encounter construction zones since local and state governments are responsible for maintaining the roads and highways. Even though road construction safety standards are in place to safeguard drivers and workers, numerous accidents and injuries occur each year in highway construction zones. Drivers might quickly lose control of their vehicles when signs, cones, barrels, and lights are misplaced. Debris and machinery on the road can also contribute to collisions.

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Consult With The Best Norwalk Car Accident Attorneys today!

Our prescreened California attorneys for personal injury claims have helped plaintiffs get the payouts and representation they deserve.

Call our 24/7 hotline at 1-661-310-7999 or submit your case online for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION. Our car crash attorneys in Norwalk will guide you if you were hurt in a car accident that wasn't your fault and you think you deserve compensation.

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