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When Do You Need A Construction Defect Attorney In Long Beach?

What Qualifies For Construction Defect Litigation In California?

No one who has a home or building built wants to encounter problems in the near future. That's why construction involves planning and skill because you want to avoid any defects and deficiencies on the finished structure.

That said, let's look at what qualifies as a construction defect and why you need a Long Beach Construction Defect Attorney in California.

long beach construction defect attorney

Construction defects are defined by:

  • Any deficiency and defects in the planning and execution of the design, planning, supervision, inspection, construction, or organization of structure (i.e., any new home or building).

  • Where the building is not constructed reasonably.

  • The structure fails to function in the manner that is reasonably intended by the buyer.

Structural integrity, such as foundation and frame, expansive soils, mechanical and electrical systems, water intrusion, which can lead to hazardous mold, thermal and moisture protection, doors and windows, and finishes are all examples of defects.

For any problems with your home or building construction, consult with a Long Beach Defective Construction Litigation Attorney in California.

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What Are The Types Of Defects?

In general, courts classify building defects into four categories:

1. Design Flaws

Design specialists who design buildings and systems, such as architects or engineers, do not always work as specified, leading to a flaw. Building outside the given construction code is a common reason for design flaws.

For example, a poorly designed roof can lead to water intrusion, poor drainage, or insufficient structural support. Poorly designed business buildings can also be vulnerable to earthquakes and other disasters.

A design flaw is often caused by negligent design specialists, which can bring long-term problems to the owner of the structure. A prescreened Long Beach Building Defect Lawyer can assist in determining whether design flaws were to blame for the damages.

2. Material Deficiencies

Even when correctly placed, substandard building materials can pose substantial difficulties, such as windows that leak or fail to perform and function adequately.

Here are some examples of substandard materials affecting your structure:

  • Incorrectly processed windows

  • Poorly placed building paper

  • Window frame racked during storage

  • Lack of sheet metal drip edge on a window header

  • Deteriorating flashing, building paper, waterproofing, and asphalt roofing shingles

  • Poor drywall

If material deficiencies were the source of a problem, a Long Beach Defective Construction Litigation Lawyer could tell you.

3. Poor Or Deficient Construction

A vast list of faults can come from poor construction. Some examples include:

  • Water infiltration through a part of the building can create an environment conducive to mold growth.

  • Cracks in foundations or walls, dry rotting of wood, electrical and mechanical issues, plumbing leaks, and pest infestation are among the other issues.

A prescreened Long Beach Defective Construction Litigation Attorney should have the resources and knowledge to determine whether a fault was caused by construction flaws or anything else.

4. Surface Deficiencies

In California, expansive soil conditions are common. Many residences are constructed on hills or in other regions where laying a firm foundation is challenging.

Cracked foundations or floor slabs and other structural damage can result from a lack of a stable foundation. In addition, if the subsurface conditions are not correctly compacted and prepared for adequate drainage, the property is likely to have issues like the structure shifting or sliding, flooding, and, in some situations, more serious problems such as landslides.

Seeking the opinion of a Long Beach Building Defect Lawyer will help you assess whether or not a fault was caused by subsurface flaws.

california construction defect litigation attorney

What Is The Statute Of Limitation For Defective Construction Litigation In California?

The statute of limitations limits the amount of time that a claim can be brought. These statutes are complicated, so you should consult with a prescreened Long Beach Defective Construction Litigation Attorney.

The time limits usually start running when a reasonable person discovers the problem or should have been detected. If the deficiency is readily apparent upon reasonable scrutiny, legal action against the defendant must be brought within the time limits set by state law.

Any action to recover damages must be taken within ten years after the improvements are substantially completed if the fault is latent or not readily evident by reasonable inspection.

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