How Do You Handle Federal Drug Charges?

Updated: Apr 21

How Federal Drug Charges Are Defended Against

Your safety, future, and financial stability are all on the line if you're charged with a drug-related crime like drug trafficking, manufacturing, or smuggling. Contact a California Criminal Defense Attorney as soon as possible.

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Federal agencies such as the DEA and FBI are under a great deal of pressure to conduct thorough investigations into drug-related crimes, and federal prosecutors are under a great deal of pressure to prosecute federal drug offenders. Federal drug crimes have been among the most difficult prosecutions to defend since the United States began the "war on drugs." As a result, defendants in federal drug cases should hire a qualified Criminal Defense Lawyer as soon as possible after being arrested by federal agents or finding that they are a suspect or victim of a federal drug crime investigation.

Drug Charges

Drug-related offenses are punishable by both state and federal law, and reports of manufacturing, importing, or selling illicit drugs or controlled substances will result in federal criminal charges. Here are a few examples of drug offenses that can lead to federal charges:

  • Drug trafficking

  • Drug smuggling

  • Drug manufacturing

  • Drug distribution

  • Drug Importation or drug exportation

Even if you don't actually commit a drug-related crime but are accused of plotting with one or more other individuals to do so, you might face federal criminal charges for drug conspiracy. If you are convicted of a drug crime that is connected to a criminal group or corporation, you could face federal racketeering charges under the RICO Act.

Controlled Substances

Controlled substances are drugs or chemicals whose manufacture, use, and possession are all controlled by the federal government. This includes all illicit drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine and prescription medications like Adderall and Xanax. The Controlled Substances Act (CSA) divides all federally regulated controlled substances into five schedules based on their widely accepted medical use, the potential for abuse, and addiction risk.

Federal Drug Crimes Penalties