How Does A California Wrongful Termination Lawyer Help You?

Updated: May 26

Find the top wrongful termination lawyer in California and learn how they can help you with your wrongful termination lawsuit.

While wrongful termination generally means "illegally firing an employee," different situations can count as grounds to file employment claims. That said, let's look at how our prescreened California employment attorneys handle Wrongful Termination and how they can help you.

California Wrongful Termination Lawyer

To be successful in court, the plaintiff must prove a set of factors for each sort of wrongful termination. In any event, the employee must show a working relationship and that the employer terminated the employee (or that the employee was constructively terminated).

Additional factors will be required in certain types of wrongful termination cases in California:

1. Claims of Discrimination

The employee must show that they are members of a protected class and that their termination was motivated by prejudice.

2. Harassment

The employee must demonstrate that their dismissal was due to their refusal to be harassed. If you have proof that you tried to report the harassment was reported but were ignored, then bring that evidence to your Los Angeles Wrongful Termination Lawyer.

3. Claims for Breach of Contract

The employee must show that they and their employer have a contract. In addition, they must show that their dismissal was in violation of the contract's terms. Claims based on a violation of corporate policies or labor union terms are considered a breach of contract claims.