Labor Law Exemptions To At-Will Employment In West Covina

California At-Will Employees Can Still Sue Their Employers

At-will employment means an employer can fire an employee at any time and for any cause. Employees can also leave a company without explanation or warning in at-will employment laws.

According to the California Labor Code, employment with no fixed duration may be terminated at any party's whim by giving the other notice. A job for a specific term lasts longer than one month. Employees who work in an "at-will" employment agreement have no legal rights or protections.

The "at-will" employment contract has various caveats that prevent employees from being wrongly terminated or terminated for illegal reasons. By verbal agreement, statutory exclusions, or public policy, the assumption of at-will employment can be overturned.

In other words, just because you're working at will in West Covina doesn't mean you can be fired for illegal reasons. Let's look at the exceptions to at-will employment in California, as they are handled and managed by prescreened California Employment Lawyers.

california at will employment

The exceptions apply to terminations that, while nominally complying with the at-will employment theory, have been ruled intrinsically unjust by the California legislature or courts.

If you experience any of these violations, you can assert your rights by bringing in a prescreened West Covina Labor Law Attorney to help you file claims.

The following are the three exceptions to at-will employment:

Exemption For Reasons Of Public Policy

Employers can't fire employees if their reason for termination breaches a well-established public policy in states that recognize this exception. For example, a boss cannot fire an employee for submitting a workers' compensation claim because it is a recognized public policy.