Sexual Harassment in California And The #Metoo Movement

Updated: Mar 15

When it's time to consult with a California employment lawyer specialized in sexual harassment in the workplace.

If you have been on social media over the last few days, you may have read many posts and updates posted by friends and family members, as well as celebrities, starting with the "Me Too" tag. You may also have been stunned by the content of those messages, as thousands of women around the in the United States shared some of their darkest sexual harassment and assault experiences at work.

That said, let's talk about employment law, workplace harassment, and employment claims, as they are often handled by a California Harassment Attorney.

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Sexual harassment in the workplace

The grassroots movement traces back more than a decade. Still, in reaction to reports of rampant sexual misconduct and abuse across the entertainment industry, a revival was led by a Twitter post from well-known actress Alyssa Milano.

A high-profile film producer has been charged with the most famous allegations, but countless others have started to emerge. Milano urged all women who have ever been sexually abused or harassed to post a two-word status on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites in her post this past Sunday. "Milano wrote, "If all the women who were sexually abused or raped wrote 'Me too' as a status, we might give women a sense of the size of this problem."

Overwhelming response

Women took the actress's plea to the heart within just a few hours, with more than 200,000 # MeToo messages appearing on Twitter by the next morning. Tens of thousands of others, not only posting the two words of unity but also telling their sexual harassment and victimization accounts, took to Facebook.

Women and men recounted how they, many of them at a young age, were exposed to sexual harassment and how they were previously afraid to come forward and share their experiences. Many actors, singers, and other entertainers, including Rosario Dawson, Gabrielle Union, and Lady Gaga, have joined the initiative.

Many women's follow-up articles have expressed deep gratitude for the frankness of those who shared their experiences but have noted the situation's duplicity. One Twitter post read, "Best Thing: Finding out that we're not alone and have dealt with it all." Worst thing: finding out that we've all discussed this # MeToo

Sexual Assault High-Profile

Thousands of troubling sexual harassment accounts have been shared in the # MeToo effort's aftermath, including claims by actress Jennifer Lawrence and Olympic gold-medal gymnast McKayla Maroney. In Hollywood and inside USA Gymnastics, the two women separately recounted personal accounts of reportedly systematic violence.

Although celebrities' stories are harrowing, seeing countless reports of sexual harassment and victimization of individuals in their own families and social circles has been disconcerting for many. An especially poignant thought was posted by one male Twitter user, "[H]ey dudes if you're shocked how many people post to # metoo are women you know,] [wonder what that means about the men you know.]"

If you've ever experienced sexual harassment in the workplace, consider contacting a prescreened Harassment Attorney in Los Angeles.

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Find pre-screened sexual harassment employment California lawyers.

Your attacker may face criminal charges if you have suffered injuries due to sexual harassment or violence. However, you are still be entitled to claim damages for the injuries you've suffered.

To make sure you fight for your rights and get the best results, contact a Los Angeles Harassment Attorney ASAP.

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