Can You Sue Someone For Slippery Floors In California?

A Rundown On Slip And Fall Claims In California

There's a reason why a lot of establishments put "slippery floor" signs. This is to prevent any accidents related to slipping and falling, which could cause injuries to people on the premises. These injuries could cost premises owners in the form of California personal injury lawsuits.

A legal claim involving a personal injury accident brought about by a hazardous condition on another person's property is known as premises liability. The owner of the property is considered liable for paying for your injuries if there was a hazardous condition that resulted in them.

And yes, slippery floors can be considered a hazardous condition, and it is an act of negligence to fail to address them. So let's look at how this works under California personal injury law:

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What Hazardous Conditions Often Lead To Slip And Fall Accidents In California?

There are many different types of dangerous conditions that can cause a premises liability accident. Typical hazardous situations include:

  • Wet surfaces

  • Obstacles

  • Bad lighting, especially in stairwells and on sidewalks

  • Dangerous circumstances, loose stairs, handrails, etc.

  • Property that has been neglected

A California Attorney for Personal Injury claims will first look at the source of the hazard. This is the best way to identify the parties at fault.

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Who Should Be Compensating Me For Slipping On Wet Floors?

The property owner or the property owner's insurance provider will frequently make restitution for your premises liability accident.

Sometimes, someone else may be responsible for covering your accident-related costs. This might comprise:

  • The maker of a faulty or hazardous product

  • Contractor or repair firm that left a harmful object unfixed

  • Security firm in charge of keeping people safe on a property

  • Independent contractor who was on the premises when you were hurt

That said, liability depends on who is responsible for warning people or doing something about the wet floors.

What Will I Be Compensated For In California Premises Liability Accidents?

Your premises liability claim or verdict should cover all of your accident-related expenses. Such costs may include a variety of things, such as:

  • Urgent medical attention

  • Surgical procedures

  • Continued medical attention (recovery after going to the hospital)

  • Lost revenue while you were recovering

  • Alterations to your home should you become permanently disabled

  • Future income lost if you are unable to find employment

How Do You Prove Liability In A