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Can You Sue For Unfair Competition In Palmdale?

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Unfair Competition Laws In Palmdale, California

Many laws have been implemented to protect against various forms of misleading business practices. In this post, we'll talk about unfair competition, as Palmdale Business Litigation Lawyers often encounter in their legal practice.

California business law

Unfair business practices are any deceptive or dishonest business conduct that causes harm to consumers or other businesses. The term "deceptive trade practices" is most commonly associated with acts that hurt consumers, but it also includes attempts to harm competitors through fraud, deception, bad faith, and other unfair tactics.

While the California Unfair Competition Law differs from others across the country, practically every state has enacted legislation that applies to federal laws.

What Is Considered Unfair Competition?

The term "unfair competition" has a broad definition, as does California's law. As a result, there are a plethora of acts that could be classified as violating the California UCL.

In every case, however, an unfair activity will fall into one of five categories outlined in the unfair competition legislation. The following are examples of unfair competition:

Acts or activities that are illegal.

  • Unfair. An unfair business activity, in general, has the potential to deceive the public. Courts do not have broad authority to examine contract fairness, although they can prevent fraudulent or particularly harsh commercial conduct. The facts of the case will determine whether or not a specific business activity is unfair.

  • Unlawful. An illegal practice violates a law, rule, or regulation. A statute, rule, or regulation violation might be anything from a minor federal regulation to a local city ordinance. This means that a plaintiff can file an unfair competition claim even if they do not have a private cause of action to breach the underlying business law.

  • Fraudulent. Section 17200 has a lower bar for fraudulent conduct than the customary common law requirement, requiring just proof that members of the public are likely to be fooled. Actual deceit, reasonable reliance, or actual damages do not need to be proven.

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Notably, a plaintiff does not have to prove all three parts of the statute under California law (unfair, unlawful, and fraudulent). However, for the plaintiff to establish a claim under section 17200, the business activity must meet any one of the three elements.

Due to the broad breadth of California's UCL, a wide range of commercial operations may fall under its purview. These behaviors are typically considered anti-competitive and can hurt customers and other businesses.

Unfair competition can be classified into the following categories:

  • Infringement of intellectual property rights.

  • Marketers who use bait-and-switch tactics.

  • Manipulation of prices (e.g., selling below cost to harm competitors).

  • "Spoofing" or "robocalling" in flagrant violation of FCC rules.

  • Practicing trade libel.

  • Misappropriation of a trade secret.

  • Associating oneself falsely with a well-known brand.

Some of these actions are also illegal at the national level. However, in this case, filing a federal action does not bar you from pursuing legal remedies under the California Unfair Competition Law. In fact, people who engage in infringement are probably also breaking the California Uniform Commercial Code.

You'll have various legal options available to you, regardless of the form of unfair competition. One solution would be to contact a Palmdale Business Law Attorney to help you sort through your legal concerns.

What Constitutes California Unfair Competition Law?

Few legislations are as broad as California's Unfair Competition Law. Thus several aspects may apply in some situations but not in others. However, in the vast majority of cases, two fundamental California Unfair Competition Law factors apply:

  • The conduct harms consumers.

  • The act gives a company an unfair competitive advantage.

Unlawful activities and practices may be the easiest to comprehend among the various sorts of unfair competition. Another underlying statute must have been broken for the law to apply in this case.

Unfortunately, the terms "unfair" and "fraudulent" might have more subjective connotations under the law. Things are more apparent when it comes to "deceptive, false, unfair, and misleading" advertising.

To comply with the California Unfair Competition Law's deceptive advertising requirements, the following must be true:

  • The defendant engaged in deceptive, false, unfair, or misleading advertising.

  • The plaintiff was injured, and they lost money or property.

When it comes to the fifth sort of unfair competition under California law, known or should have known false or misleading advertising, it must be established that the defendant knew or should have known.

The plaintiff must have been damaged by the activities, which is a final California Unfair Competition Law requirement that applies in all cases.

Consult with a Palmdale Business Law Attorney to help you build your possible claim.

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Legal Options To Protect You From Unfair Competition

If a problem cannot be resolved outside of the courtroom, there are legal remedies for unfair competition. The plaintiff is subject to a four-year statute of limitations, which begins when they hear of the unfair actions or should have discovered such conduct via reasonable effort. The following remedies may be used:

  • Injunctions to prevent unfair competition in the future.

  • Plaintiff's real economic damages are recoverable.

  • If unfair practices persist after a request is obtained, daily penalties may be imposed.

  • Profits made as a result of infractions may be forfeited.

When determining proper compensation, some things are taken into account. For example, willful wrongdoing can result in more prominent court awards, similar to instances of breaking intellectual property legislation.

Judges and juries may also examine the number of violations, the severity of the offenses, the defendant's persistence, the length of the violation, and the defendant's assets.

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