Who Is Responsible For Airplane Accidents In California?

A Quick Rundown Of Lawsuits And Defendant For Plane Crashes In California

Plane accidents are devastation. The consequences are death or catastrophic injuries that permanently alter someone's life. Whether you're fighting for your rights as a survivor or pushing for justice for the death of a loved one, you have options under California law.

Let's look at possible legal options stemming from California plane crashes for you and your family:

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What Legal Claims Can You File For Plane Crashes In California?

Legal claims associated with California plane crashes depend on the facts of your case and how much evidence you can show.

Here are some cases that can be filed under California law:

1. Wrongful Death Claims

Surviving family members have the right to file wrongful death claims for a deceased loved one. If a family member dies due to a plane crash in California, you can get compensation for the following:

  • Hospital bills

  • Burial/funeral expenses

  • Loss of income (including current and future financial losses)

  • Emotional distress damages

Above are just the most common damages you can demand from a responsible party. The compensation is meant to help alleviate financial and emotional strain caused by a negligent and fatal accident on a victim's family.

2. Catastrophic Injury Claims

Catastrophic injuries are so severe that they permanently cause damage to a person's life. This could leave a victim unable to function as they did before. For example, they might be unable to walk, lose mobility, suffer disfigurements, struggle emotionally, etc.

Since the consequences are so severe, the compensation for catastrophic injury is more significant than other personal injury claims.

3. Airplane Accident Claims

If you survive a plane crash without life-altering injuries and disfigurements, you can still file claims for whatever damages you suffer. Anything for wounds, bruising, broken bones, and other injuries can count towards your awardable damages. In addition, any emotional and financial harm brought on by these injuries will also be considered in your California Personal injury claims.

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Who's To Blame For Plane Crash Injuries And Deaths In California?

An aviation accident could have several parties at fault. Therefore, you might be able to file an aircraft accident lawsuit against one or more of the following parties if you were engaged in an accident brought on by negligence.

Your California aviation accident attorney's responsibility is to establish carelessness and ensure that the person or business responsible is held accountable.

1. An Individual