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california attorney search

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California State Bar Attorney Search
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California attorneys were suspended and/or placed on probation during 2019 for committing unethical acts.


California attorneys were disbarred in 2019 following a conviction of a felony or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude.


California attorneys were disciplined in 2019 in Los Angeles County alone. Orange County had 27 Attorneys and San Diego County 20 Attorneys.


California attorneys were disciplined in 2020. This includes suspensions, probations and disbarments. For more on attorney discipline click here ⚠️

*Data obtained from The California State Bar's public records. Official discipline information can be found on an attorney’s individual profile.

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California State Bar Attorney Search, we are a group of dynamic individuals including young professionals, law students, and concerned citizens.


Our collective commitment is to improve the legal industry by promoting transparency and ethical practices. Since 2005, we have been helping individuals in need of legal representation.


We recognize the frustration caused by unreliable self-promotion from lawyers and biased legal advertising. Our goal is to provide a trustworthy resource for those searching for reputable California lawyers.

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The California State Bar investigates on average 16,000 complaints of professional misconduct by attorneys every year.


We conduct due diligence by researching and recommending the best local attorney in your area specializing in the type of law related to your legal issue. 


Our team verifies each attorney is in good standing with the California State Bar and is not under investigation for committing crimes. 

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Every case is different, sometimes your legal issue may be resolved without hiring a lawyer. Our coordinators will point you in the right direction where you can resolve your claim. 



You'll get an answer within 15 minutes after submitting your claim details online. You'll be referred to a lawyer near your location for an in-depth case analysis FREE of charge. 

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