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community outreach

Community Outreach
Let's Make A Difference Together!

Our community outreach offers education assistance, internships, and volunteer opportunities for law students.


These efforts connect our organization’s ideas and practices to the public.


The program is rooted in three guiding principles: enhancing relationships and engagement, enriching knowledge-gathering, and promoting multiculturalism.

community outreach


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Giving Back And Helping Others is committed to supporting many community organizations throughout Southern California and nationwide. has a long and proud history of community involvement with charitable causes. Leading by example, the firm sponsors the following opportunities in hopes of encouraging similar-minded students to give back to their communities after completing their education.


We are looking for volunteers to run a publication about issues that affect our community. The right candidate will have a good sense of what makes an interesting angle to a story. The volunteer opportunity will improve key writing skills that will be very important both in school and as a professional attorney. Writing for our publication also utilizes research skills, which are also heavily used by legal professionals.


Volunteers may show samples of their work to employers in order to demonstrate their writing ability during the hiring process.


You will plan, coordinate, execute and edit content. The successful candidate will be able to decide which ideas should be pursued and which should get dropped in order to meet quality and accuracy standards. The goal is to provide exceptional, informative, and engaging content.

Volunteers are responsible for:

  • Coordinate online publishing cycle and manage content areas.

  • Set publication standards and establish goals and expectations.

  • Suggest stories and generate headline ideas in alignment with the needs of the community.

  • Oversee layout (artwork, design, photography) and check content for accuracy and errors.

  • Write, proofread, edit and improve stories or pieces.


Please send your resume and cover letter to:

Remote Internships

The Advocacy Program serves as an intake point of contact that connects people with resources, referrals, or direct legal services. The Advocacy Program also provides limited research and guidance on legal matters to low-income people who need assistance. 

Interns who work in the AP program will have a unique, hands-on opportunity to assist people who post a request on our PRO BONO HUB FORUM. Participants will interview prospective clients and provide reference material and/or information about free legal resources. 

Interns are responsible for:

  1. Managing a reasonable caseload of intakes from inception through completion.

  2. Contacting prospective clients and conducting intakes.

  3. Interviewing callers and using person-forward language.

  4. Utilizing analytical skills to identify key issues and manage intakes.

  5. Maintaining regular communication with AP Coordinator and Director.

  6. Ensuring that callbacks are returned within a reasonable amount of time.

  7. Drafting intake notes.

  8. Potential opportunities to participate in community outreach events.

Please send your resume and cover letter to:

Professional Responsibility Scholarships

The Professional Responsibility Scholarship is a program that seeks to nurture outstanding students' academic and professional careers. The scholarship is open to students who have been accepted to an undergraduate degree program full-time in the following majors: math, engineering, science, sociology, economics, linguistics, and history.


Additionally, the student must have an outstanding or promising academic record; demonstrated community service and leadership qualities; a financial need; and a commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity. The Professional Responsibility Scholarship grants THREE scholarships of $1,500 to new or currently enrolled students.

Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions

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