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Motorcycle Accident
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Winning a motorcycle accident lawsuit requires a combination of strong evidence and a thorough understanding of the legal process. Find vetted motorcycle injury lawyers near you.


Motorcycle Accident Laws in California

Our experience in handling motorcycle accident cases in Los Angeles and Southern California has given us an understanding in dealing with stereotypes against motorcycle riders in injury claims.


Our pre-screened personal injury attorneys who specialize in motorcycle accident injury cases have handled hundreds of cases involving motorcycle injuries in Southern California.


Our motorcycle accident lawyers in Los Angeles have handled a variety of motorcycle injury cases over the years, and know that it is important to conduct an investigation immediately after a motorcycle accident in Los Angeles by sending investigators to take photographs, recording skid marks, and interview witnesses.


Some cases will require motorcycle accident reconstruction experts who have experience with motorcycle accident injuries, and other cases will require experts in roadway safety or contributing factors that caused your motorcycle accident.


Our motorcycle accident attorneys have won over 100 million in compensation for accident victims, many of whom were involved in motorcycle accidents in Southern California.


Our pre-screened motorcycle accident attorneys know how to deal with insurance companies to make sure your rights are protected and to maximize your motorcycle accident monetary compensation. 


Motorcycle Accidents:  Common Risk Factors In Southern California


There is a higher risk of accidents when riding a motorcycle, largely due to drivers failing to notice motorcycles when making turns and lane changes.


Because California drivers fail to look carefully for motorcycles in their blind spots, or simply fail to see an oncoming bike when making a turn, motorcycle accidents are very common. Other motorcycle accidents happen when drivers follow motorcycles too closely.


Many drivers aren't aware that motorcycles have maneuvering ability than cars, and follow too closely. When a bike does go under another vehicle, the injuries can be catastrophic, even when wearing a helmet and a full set of protective gear.


What's a Compensation for a Motorcycle Accident Claim?


In a motorcycle accident case, you are entitled to be compensated for all your medical bills, hospital bills, pain, and suffering. 


You can also recover for the cost to replace your motorcycle, a new helmet, and any damaged gear, and for loss of employment or time off work.


In California, the largest portion of a motorcycle injury claim is “general damages,” the compensation for pain, suffering, disability, emotional distress, inconvenience, etc.


Since settlement is a one-time-only award in most cases, you should wait until the full recovery of your injuries and healing is known. Your motorcycle accident lawyer will guide you through the entire process to ensure a positive outcome in court. 


Settlements can include compensation for any likely future pain or problems with your health and any future medical expenses that a doctor recommended.

What’s the Statute of Limitations on Motorcycle Accidents in California?


In California, the statute of limitations for a motorcycle accident is two years from the date of the injury. In cases involving the negligence of a public entity, such as the state, a city, county, or other public entity, a formal written claim must be filed with the appropriate entity within six months of the date of the motorcycle accident.

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