How Non-Economic Damages Are Calculated In California

Updated: Jan 28

A Guide To Non-Economic Damages In Burbank, California

Accidents might result in significant financial losses. Medical bills, therapy, and car repairs may be necessary. While you're healing, you may lose money and miss work. What about losses that aren't measurable? What about the psychological effects of your injury, such as trauma?

Let's discuss non-economic damages, which our prescreened Burbank Personal Injury Attorneys in California frequently handle.

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Serious injuries cause a considerable lot of pain and inconvenience. In addition, personal injuries can cause property damage and a host of financial ramifications, including lost income, medical bills, and the inability to return to work. You have the legal right to sue the individual who caused your injuries to recover compensation for your losses under California law.

Economic damages, on the other hand, are frequently straightforward to establish. You won't have much issue arguing for a precise sum as long as you have records and receipts.

But what about the costs of your ailments that are unrelated to your bank account? You are just as entitled to compensation for non-monetary (or non-economic) damages as you are for monetary losses.

While tangible items can be replaced, your mental and emotional well-being is irreplaceable. As a result, non-economic damages are just as important in California as economic losses.

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What Is a Non-Economic Damage, Exactly?

The term "non-economic damages" encompasses a wide range of situations. For example, due to your injuries, you may experience feelings of despair, fear, deformity, or discomfort. For example, your arms may have been paralyzed due to a major car accident. This could result in being unable to hold your newborn because these injuries would fall under the non-economic damages category.

Other non-economic consequences could include:

  • Emotional or mental trauma

  • Body disfigurement

  • Being unable to participate in your chosen hobby