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Breach of Contract And Punitive Damages In Los Angeles

Possible Consequences Of Breach Of Contract Claims In California

Contracts work like safety nets for businesses. It ensures that the people who enter an official agreement are liable for breaking it. As a result, every business lawyer in Los Angeles will always advise business owners to write up contracts to avoid any future problems for business transactions.

That said, how bad are the consequences of breaching a contract in Los Angeles? Is it enough to keep people from breaking the agreement?

Let's examine the possible legal consequences of a California Breach of Contract Case.

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What Constitutes A California Civil Code 3300 Claim?

A contract is a business's first and best line of protection against a partner, supplier, or customer who might not uphold their half of the bargain. Moreover, there may have been a sizable loss of earnings, profits, or future growth potential for the offended party in every breach of contract action, so it's not just a matter of broken promises.

In California, a plaintiff suing a defendant for breach of contract must establish each of the following four elements:

  • Whether a contract is in place

  • That the plaintiff has fulfilled the terms of the agreement or that there are reasons why she hasn't

  • That the defendant was in breach of the agreement

  • Plaintiff suffered losses or damages by the California breach of contract case

That said, a crucial aspect of a California breach of contract case is to prove that there was a valid and enforceable contract, to begin with. After all, if an agreement isn't clear on what each party should do, then a breach might be challenging to identify.

If you're dealing with a possible contract breach, you'll need a Business Attorney in California.

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What's The Possible Penalty For Breach Of Contract In California?

Each contract is as specific as the parties who sign it. As a result, numerous distinct types of damages may be granted in a case involving a contract dispute.

That said, here are the most common damages for a breach of contract civil lawsuit in California:

1. Compensatory Damages

This is to lessen the impact of the revenue loss caused by the breach. Calculating this type of legal damages is relatively straightforward, mostly involving the show of receipts and calculating revenue loss that was the direct consequence of the contract being breached.

2. Liquidated Damages

A defendant's inability to perform as stated in the contract can also lead to losses for the plaintiff. For example, if the defendant is unable to perform and provide maintenance and repair at a specific agreed time, it might have caused losses to the business of the plaintiff.

That said, liquidated damages might be harder to identify. You'll need a prescreened Business Attorney in Los Angeles to help you review your total losses, set a timeline for what happened, and gauge the possible liquidated damages you might get from a breach of contract claim in California.

3. California Punitive Damages

These types of damages punish the offender and prevent them from violating the agreement again.

That said, what are punitive damages in a civil case? In most civil lawsuits in California, punitive damages are often reserved for particularly egregious circumstances or when something is done out of malice.

So, what is an example of punitive damages? This could happen if a defendant deliberately refused to perform as agreed in the contract. Other more egregious cases could involve grave consequences that caused substantial financial and emotional problems to business partners, multiple clients, etc.

4. Damages For Future Or Anticipated Losses

By filing a lawsuit under California's contract law, you may be able to obtain compensation for all of your losses—whether they have already happened or could have been avoided if the contract had been honored by all parties.

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