When Can You Sue For Breach On Contract In Newport Beach?

A Guide To What Constitutes Breach Of Contract Claims In California

Breach of contract is one the most common cause of action in California business litigation. Several factors, however, influence how your breach of contract claims are handled by our prescreened Newport Beach Business Law Attorneys.

Here's a quick rundown of the four most important parts of a breach of contract action in California.

California business law

Contract litigation includes partnership disputes, employment contract violations, breach of lease and other real estate cases, sales transactions, promissory notes and collections, and any situation in which two or more parties have formed an agreement, either orally or in writing.

That said, you can't just file a breach of contract claim whenever and wherever you want. There must be 4 critical factors present for you to have a valid claim in California.

Let's look at what they are:

Factor #1: There Has To Be Some Form Of Contract

Organizations commonly employ written contracts to conduct their business. Despite this, parties may enter into oral agreements. This is frequently the case when there is no formal documentation but the parties participate in a pattern of activity that shows some form of agreement for both parties.

Even if no express written or oral contract exists, a court may infer a contractual relationship between the parties if one party does labor and the other begins paying for it.

To know whether your agreements qualify as a contract, consult with your Newport Beach Business Law Attorney. After all, each case is different.

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Factor #2: You Complied With Your Agreed Obligations