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Updated: Nov 11

Learn Why Is It Recommended to Hire A California Personal Injury Attorney For Car Crash Claims

We need to look at the latest available data from the California Office of Traffic Safety to understand how car crashes impact people in the state. There were hundreds of thousands of car injuries around the state during the most recent reporting year. There were a few that stood out: a.) Total injuries: 273,069; and b.) Total fatalities: 3,602

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Although most car accidents result in only property damage or minor injuries, 14,188 of the injuries were categorized as "severe," meaning they had a major effect on a person's life. Most of us must drive regularly as part of our educational, family, and recreational lives. Without a car, getting from one location to another can be challenging. On the other hand, driving can become dangerous due to many other people using similar modes of transportation and traveling along the same streets and highways simultaneously.

Common Causes of Car Accidents in California

Speeding. In a matter of milliseconds, traveling at excessive speeds, particularly around other drivers and pedestrians, can prove fatal. It's more difficult to notice and respond to road hazards, assess a turn, or stop in the event of a sudden and unexpected obstacle when you're speeding. There's a justification for the speed limit.

Drunk Driving. Driving while under the influence of substances such as narcotics or alcohol can lead to serious accidents. In the United States, drunk driving is one of the main causes of car crashes. It is responsible for about a third of all fatal traffic collisions, resulting in over 10,000 deaths yearly. Drunk drivers endanger anyone on the road, including other motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, and themselves.

Distracted Driving. Most people believe they can drive safely while talking on the phone, texting, using social media, listening to music, or setting the GPS. It's not just mobile phones; anything that takes a driver's attention away from the road poses a significant risk to the car—trying to multitask while driving is a dangerous type of carelessness.

Driver Error. Drivers can make several mistakes, ranging from novice judgment errors to overly violent, dangerous driving—another form of negligence that can easily result in a traffic accident. Inexperienced drivers, teens, and adults getting their driver's license for the first time or in a long time, as well as arrogant drivers who have no regard for those on the road, can be dangerous to themselves, passengers, and other drivers and pedestrians. Keep vigilant, healthy, and alive.

Auto Defects. Vehicles of all kinds, including cars, trucks, vans, buses, and motorcycles, may have flaws ranging from design flaws to manufacturing errors. Due to auto defects, such vehicles are often recalled, posing serious risks to drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Brake failure, seatbelt malfunctions, roof crushes, and other defects can make driving hazardous and even deadly.

Common Types of California Car Accidents

Any automobile accident will result in substantial property damage as well as injuries. The following are the most common types of car accidents:

  1. Head-on collisions. Head-on collisions sometimes result in serious injuries. When a car attempts an overtaking maneuver, several head-on collisions occur, resulting in catastrophic front-end damage to all cars, drivers, and passengers.

  2. T-Bone Collisions. A T-Bone crash happens when the front or back end of one vehicle collides with the center of another vehicle.

  3. Rollover Crashes. A rollover accident can be extremely deadly, especially if there is a roof crush.

  4. Sideswiping. When a car drifts into another lane or a driver tries to overtake.

Fleeing the scene of a car accident is immoral and puts the injured person at risk.

Common Injuries in Car Accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), auto accidents injured 4.4 million people and killed 38,300 people in 2015. The pain usually starts when the smoke and dust from the screeching tires stop.

Car accident injuries are not only traumatic but also expensive. The undisclosed and sometimes long-term costs that can occur after a car accident include:

  • Hospital bills for care.

  • Any additional payments for counseling sessions.

  • Lost days of work.

  • Property damage.

No one wants to need a California Attorney For Personal Injury, but an attorney will help you defend your rights and meet your needs.

1. Head Injury - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that motor vehicle accidents were the third leading cause of traumatic brain injury overall and the second leading cause of TBI-related deaths in the country in a four-year analysis (2006-2012). Other examples of head injuries suffered in a collision include lacerations to the forehead, a fractured jawbone, or a broken nose.

The most common forms of head injury in car accidents are head-on, rear-end, and side-impact crashes. When a car rolls over, the skull makes contact with the upturned windshield, causing head trauma.

TBI can cause personality changes, extreme headaches, and cognitive impairments that render even simple tasks difficult to complete, to name a few. The signs can be short-lived or last a lifetime. A full recovery from head injuries necessitates immediate and continuous medical attention.

2. Back Injury - Back injuries from car accidents can be excruciatingly painful, if not completely incapacitating. The cervical spine, or neck, the thoracic or upper back, and the lumbar or lower back are the three regions of the spine. While most cervical spine injuries are known as soft tissue/whiplash, serious injuries to the cervical spine can result in death.

Herniated discs, complete disc slippage, muscle sprains, and tears in the thoracic and lumbar spine can cause pain and restrict mobility. A back injury can leave a person bedridden for several weeks, preventing them from returning to work.

3. Injuries to the soft tissues - Whiplash is the most well-known soft tissue injury suffered in a car accident (of the head and neck), but soft tissue injuries can occur anywhere in the body where tissues bind the muscles and tendons. This category includes sprains, strains, contusions, tendonitis, and bursitis.

Soft tissue injuries don't necessarily show up right away after an accident. They could go undetected for days before causing symptoms. This is why it's important to see a doctor immediately after an accident. If you know the magnitude of all your injuries right away, you'll be on the way to rehabilitation much sooner.

4. Leg Injury - According to several NHTSA reports, the hips, thighs, knees, ankles, and feet account for the vast majority (93 percent) of injuries in frontal collisions. Leg trauma is more common in older drivers and those with a higher Body Mass Index (BMI).

Lower extremity injuries may cause swelling, discomfort, buckling, dislocation, and ruptures, among other things. Repairing these injuries often necessitates intensive surgery.

5. Trauma to the spinal cord - Permanent paralysis or loss of feeling is probably the most debilitating outcome of a car crash. Nerve damage is normal in spinal cord injuries since the spine, and central nervous system is inextricably linked.

In-car accidents, full or partial paraplegia, which results in a loss of mobility and necessitates using a wheelchair or other assistive devices, are common. The estimated lifetime costs of spinal cord injury can be much more than a typical family can afford.

Other Injuries:

Surviving a car accident may hurt the mind as well as the body. Anxiety, depression, phobias, and post-traumatic stress disorder are all common side effects of car accidents. Some people may fear driving or riding in cars to the point that they refuse to travel at all. For months after the incident, this form of silent suffering will fully change a person's quality of life.

What Do You Do After a Car Accident?

If you've ever been in a car accident in California, consult this car accident guide for tips about what to do next. Following these measures will help you protect your health and safety while also bolstering your case if you plan to go to court

  • Get medical help immediately. Everything you know about the crash, including any pain you're experiencing

  • As soon as possible, file a police report.

  • Obtain the other driver's insurance documents, including their driver's license number.

  • Get all witnesses' names, phone numbers, and other contact details. Their testimonies will help you when you finally make your claim

  • Take several photos of the accident scene. Include all vehicles involved and all identifiable injuries sustained by all passengers in the vehicle.

  • Do not discuss the accident or injuries with anyone, particularly an insurance adjuster. Concerns about treatment can only be shared with the doctor or attorney.

  • To avoid making a mistake, consult a car accident attorney in Los Angeles before signing something.

  • Please report if you are disoriented, confused, or have trouble recalling things. These are also signs of a brain injury.

  • Get to know the resources available to you about car accidents.

Do You Have a Personal Injury Claim?

You might not be sure whether or not you have a claim for compensation after a car accident. Your accident must fulfill two conditions to be eligible for compensation:

  • Another party's fault was at least partly to blame for the crash.

  • You or a family member suffered significant physical injuries due to the crash.

You can find a Los Angeles car accident attorney who can answer any questions you have about what constitutes negligence and what it means to have a "serious" injury. You and your car accident lawyer in California will begin building your claim immediately, given that your accident satisfies both of these conditions.

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What to Do if an Insurance Firm Contacts You?

Representatives from your insurance company or the at-fault party's insurance company can contact you after they are informed of your accident. It's better if you don't speak to them. Innocent remarks may be used to make it seem as though the accident was your fault or to say that your injuries aren't serious. They may even attempt to get you to sign a much less settlement than you require.

An experienced Car Accident Lawyer In Los Angeles will consider the current and future medical costs, missed earnings, and other expenses to ensure you receive the money you deserve to cover the full cost of your accident.

Negligence Claim

Accidents should not occur in a vacuum. There are several possible causes for such collisions and scenarios in which they can occur. A presumption of negligence may arise if a California Vehicle Code Section is intended to prevent a specific type of person from being injured by a specific type of accident or injury, and harm occurred due to a violation. It is critical to consider all of these variables when attempting to put together the entire scene. Although independent research and police reports may definitely help, a professional car crash attorney is typically the key to knowing it all.

What's the Difference Between Strict Liability and General Liability?

Strict liability claims that any persons responsible for a tort, in this case, a car accident, will be held solely liable regardless of whether they were incompetent or not because of their superior status. A taxicab or bus driver, for example, is a specialist who has your life in his or her possession. As a result, if an accident happens, these defendants will be held solely liable.

Compared to negligence per se, which is based on a breach of a law or code, strict liability for parties such as cruise ship owners or cab drivers to a passenger will occur. They have a special responsibility to protect their passengers from accidents caused by their role as common carriers for hire. Are you following along so far? If you're still perplexed, a car accident lawyers in Los Angeles will clarify the situation in greater detail.

What Does a Negligence Per Se Car Accident Claim Look Like?

The following hypothetical of a car crash on a California highway with charges of drunk driving is a good example to help you understand what negligence per se is. A violation of a Vehicle Code section that meets the negligence elements until rebutted becomes definitive proof of duty and breach.

Let's imagine that rider A is stuck behind another car, at a stoplight, on his motorcycle and following the rules. Behind A, in a fast-approaching Big Rig Truck, is B, who is under the influence of alcohol and drugs. B fails to brake and collides with rider A, killing him by riding over his motorcycle. B later tested positive for Crystal meth and had a blood-alcohol level of over 0.10 percent at the hospital. ("B.A.C.") is an abbreviation for "BAC."

  • It is illegal to drive a motor vehicle when under the influence of an alcoholic beverage, according to California Vehicle Code Section 23152 (a).

  • It is illegal to drive a motor vehicle if you have 0.08 percent BAC or more alcohol by body weight, according to California Vehicle Code Section 2315d (b).

  • It is illegal to drive a motor vehicle when under the influence of any substance, according to California Vehicle Code Section 23152 (f).

  • It is illegal to drive when under the influence of alcohol or drugs, according to California Vehicle Code Section 23152 (g).

B broke all four of the aforementioned laws when he killed