Common Bicycle Accident Injuries In California

California Bike Accident Injuries And What To Do About Them

Cycling is a great way to save on gas while getting some exercise. As a result, more and more people use their bikes for their foreseen benefits. Unfortunately, however, California bicycle fatalities are also on the rise.

You could be the most careful cyclist out there, but that doesn't stop you from running into other negligent parties. As a cyclist, you are likely exposed to the inherent risks of riding a bicycle. For example, you're more likely to be injured in a collision with a car. You might also be more vulnerable to uneven roads and wet pavements.

Let's talk about the most common bike accident injuries in California, how they affect you, and what you can do about them.

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For cyclists, the most common bike accident injuries can be categorized into two types: trauma and overuse. You could either strain yourself or suffer trauma from falling or colliding with something.

For the most part, you can avoid injuries from overuse through personal care and exercise. In addition, as long as you take precautions and follow traffic rules, you'll significantly reduce any possibility of injuries.

But, unfortunately, what you don't have much control over are accidents caused by other negligent people. Many of these injuries can lead to medical expenses, loss of wages, and lost opportunities, all of which the responsible party is held liable to pay for. So, if someone is liable for your bike accident injuries, you must contact the as advised by the best bike accident lawyers in Los Angeles ASAP.

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The Most Common Bicycle Accident Injuries In California

Knowing the most common bicycle accident injuries helps you take the proper precautions to avoid them. And, even if you unfortunately can't avoid them, you need to know what to do and how to respond when the accident does happen.

1. Head And Neck Injuries

One of the most common trauma-induced bike accident injuries is a traumatic brain injury. TBIs can be mild or severe and can cause many immediate and long-term problems for victims who suffer from them.

In a recent study, patients who have suffered from TBIs at one point in their lives have a higher risk for Parkinson's. And yes, even patients with mild TBIs who have presented little to no symptoms are still susceptible to them later in life.

Additionally, neck and spine injuries can lead to multiple physical and emotional problems for the victim. Whiplash is one of the most common types of neck injury, and it often happens in any form of a vehicular accident.

Considering the dire present and future problems head and neck injuries can bring, victims need all the physical, emotional, and financial support. If your bike accident injuries were caused by someone else, they must be held liable for the cost of your recovery. But, more importantly, some injuries like mild TBIs and other neck injuries can lead to long-term consequences, so contact a California bicycle accident lawyer before negotiating or agreeing to any compensation.

2. Broken Bones

Cyclists are more vulnerable than people in cars, trucks, and buses. Even if a helmet manages to protect them from severe brain injuries, the rest of their body is still exposed to traumatic injuries.

Broken bones can lead to a lot of physical, financial, and emotional problems. Victims could be left immobile for a certain time, making them miss work and unable to do basic activities.

Not only are these bike accident injuries physically taxing, but they also spell financial loss in medical bills and missed income. Contact a California Bicycle Accident Attorney to start working on your personal injury claim ASAP to make sure you're on a speedy and stress-free recovery.

3. Contusions And Abrasions