5 Reasons To Contest A Will In Long Beach

A Quick Guide To Legal Reasons For Contesting Inheritance In California

Inheritance can be complicated. There's always a chance that someone might get left out or be unhappy with how the will is written. That said, there is a way to challenge a will, and it can be done with the help of a Long Beach Estate Administration Attorney in California.

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It should be said that you cannot simply contest a will because you want to. Your claim must be supported by legal reasons, and you may only have standing (or the right to challenge a will) if you:

  • Are previously specified in the last will and testament

  • Were specified in the prior or previous version of the will of the decedent

  • If there had been no will, I would have been eligible to receive the estate.

However, before you decide to challenge an unfair will, you should speak with a prescreened Long Beach Estate Attorney to review your case. A lawyer will be able to assess your position, gather evidence, and bargain on your behalf.

What Can Challenge A Will In Long Beach?

The persons listed below have legal standing to contest the will:

  • Those who have been named as beneficiaries in the will

  • Beneficiaries previously identified in a will

  • Those who were not included in the most recent version of the will

  • Beneficiaries whose inheritance has been considerably decreased due to the most current version of the will

  • Anyone who isn't included but would be entitled to the property if it weren't for the will.

You'll need a strong reason to contest a will if you've proven that you have legal standing to do so. You must first demonstrate that something about the will's drafting is illegal; a will challenge can only be made if the will is invalid.

Consult a Long Beach Estate Lawyer for assistance in assessing your existing situation.

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Legal Justifications for Contesting a Will