What Counts As Copyright Infringement In Long Beach?

A Quick Guide To California Copyright Laws For Long Beach-Based Clients

It takes time, effort, and imagination to come up with unique concepts and designs. For most people, these unique ideas are crucial to their income or business. You wouldn't want those ideas stolen from you.

Here's a simple primer to help you better grasp your rights under copyright laws, as often handled by our prescreened Long Beach Copyright Infringement Lawyers in California.

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What Is Copyright Infringement and How Does It Happen?

In essence, copyright infringement happens when you use one or more of the exclusive rights of a copyright owner. As a result, if you use someone else's work, you could be sued.

The following are the copyright owner's exclusive rights:

  • Make copies of their work

  • Create derivative work

  • Distribute copies of the work to the wider audience

  • Place the copyrighted work on display

  • Make content that is protected by copyright available for purchase (i.e., merchandise)

  • To perform or play the work in front of an audience (i.e., audio recordings, etc.)

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Most of these guidelines are there to protect someone's original work or ideas. These make it so the copyright owner is the only one who has the right to profit off of their copyrighted material. If someone wishes to use these materials, they'll need to ask permission from the copyright owner.

Consult a Long Beach Copyright Infringement Lawyer in California to learn more about your rights. An attorney can examine your case, analyze your case, and assist you in protecting your rights.