How To Beat A California DUI In 2022

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Learn How To Beat Your California DUI Charges In Two Easy And Realistic Steps

Getting charged with DUI in California can be a horrific experience. From from the moment you are pulled over, to going to jail and dealing with the judicial system. Before you appear in court you need to be well prepared and develop a strategy that will increase your chances to beat your DUI case.

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Step 1: Learn About DUI Laws In California And Where You Stand.

First, its important to understand California DUI laws and determine what your specific criminal charges are and what you are facing in terms of fines, jail time and other potential repercussions if you are convicted with a DUI.

Each DUI case in California is different and it depends on your past criminal record, your background, age and profession.

In many cases, if you have a commercial driver's license or other professional license like a real estate agent, a lawyer or doctor a DUI conviction can have even greater consequences because it can tarnish your reputation and affect your employment for years to come. california dui lawyers

Step 2: Engage Your DUI Charges Head On With An Effective Criminal Defense

To beat your DUI charges in California you must retain an effective and reliable criminal defense lawyer (sorry if you thought this is a do it yourself guide). There's no way around it, this is not a situation where you can represent yourself or rely on a public defender.

Again, analyze your stakes if you are convicted of a DUI and the price you will pay in fines and jail time.

A quick online search for DUI lawyers in California will reveal hundreds of sites, guides, videos and obviously biased DUI lawyer marketing designed to earn your business. No DUI lawyer will ever attest to the performance of another DUI lawyer nor admit their poor court performance in a DUI case.

In many cases, people facing criminal DUI charges are persuaded by fancy TV commercials, radio interviews and websites. While these marketing efforts may generate hundreds a leads for a DUI law firm, there's no physical way a reputable DUI lawyer can represent everyone at the same time in different courts.

Large DUI law firms rely on junior lawyers to assist them with their case load so you end up working with someone else other than the principal DUI lawyer. It is your responsibility to make an informed decision about the DUI lawyer you're about to hire. No matter what you read online, or the "how to guides" you come across, the reality is that a judge will not give you the time of day to defend yourself if you go at it alone "pro se".

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When you are ready to hire your own California DUI lawyer, here are some questions your may want to ask during a personal legal consultation:

  1. Based on my criminal charges and criminal record, how likely are you able to beat your DUI charges?