What to Do in a DUI Arrest, According to California DUI Lawyers

Updated: Aug 29

Finding the best California DUI Defense Lawyers Might be the Best First Step

An individual who has been arrested for a DUI can contact a DUI Defense lawyer for not only consultation but also a cost estimate. The most important thing at first would be to ensure that the individual was released from custody so that they could contact a bail agent or a DUI Defense Attorney for assistance. If a loved one is being held in jail, they can call a bail agent, a bail bondsman, or, better still, an attorney right away.

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The DUI Defense Attorney in Los Angeles will be able to directly contact the jail or police department and possibly secure a release or get someone out without having to post bail, saving a lot of time, hassle, and, of course, money. If they can't get the person out on their own, they can enlist the help of a bondsman to get the person out. This is mostly obtained at a lower cost from an attorney rather than from a family member or a person.

Should you refrain from using social media to discuss the situation?

Everyone in today's world is linked via the internet. Facebook and Twitter are common platforms for sharing information, but users must be cautious about what they post. Any information that is not personally supplied to the Los Angeles DUI Defense Attorney but is disseminated to the public can lead to prosecutors or police officers discovering it.

Especially if anyone was involved in an accident, district attorneys, lawyers, and police officers would search the internet for evidence. Always be cautious about what is posted on the internet, as victims of traffic accidents can search for information and bring it to the attention of the district attorney.

On social media or the internet, the individual should avoid making any admissions or revelations because it could have negative consequences. Remove all social media posts about the incident and refrain from sharing anything else that might lead to an incriminating statement.

People also go out for an evening and take pictures of it because there may be pictures on social media of them out having dinner or drinks, which could give the wrong impression if they were arrested for driving under the influence or if there was an accident that resulted in a DUI since there will be pictures of that person earlier in the night drinking and partying.

Is it necessary to keep track of potential witnesses who could testify?

DUI cases are very fact-based, and what can and cannot be done will depend on the specific circumstances, the specific facts in the case, and what the jury decides. People with a DUI case sometimes believe there are no witnesses, which is wrong. In a DUI case, there are several witnesses, some of which may be competent witnesses such as police officers, who would testify to what they saw.

There could be other witnesses, such as drivers in the vehicle with the person at the time, or if the person was transported by the police department and they had a busy night, there could be other people in the police car who could testify to what they heard, what the person said, how the officers acted, and the investigation the officers conducted.

Witnesses may also be people who were present during the day or evening's activities, such as the person with whom they had dinner or who they were with later at the bar. If they were at a wedding or other social event, other people might have observed whether they drank or did not drink and for how long. And if the individual was arrested at 2 a.m., witnesses can be identified all the way back to the middle of the day.

If the person was detained and put in a police vehicle, there could be witnesses with whom the person would later interact. A registered nurse or a phlebotomist may have been involved in the blood draw, as well as a breath test machine operator, and, if the individual was arrested, booking staff at the jail. These witnesses will testify to the person's appearance and behavior, as well as their ability to walk, speak and understand questions.

When an individual is arrested, they may make contact with a bail bondsman at the time of the incident, and the bondsmen will be able to provide details about how the person appeared and responded.

Can the person seek advice from their family or friends?

When someone has been arrested for a DUI, there isn't anything they can do to change the situation. Instead, they should concentrate on the future and possible outcomes. Turning to a support group can help make the process a little easier, but many people would prefer not to discuss this personal experience with friends or family members because it is a painful and private situation.

There are also ways to turn for help, places that are compassionate and knowledgeable in cases like these. One place they might turn would be to their DUI Defense Attorney, who would have firsthand knowledge of the process, how the individual was feeling, what to expect, and how to proceed from there.

There are also services available for counseling, whether one-on-one or in a group setting. Alcoholics Anonymous, for example, has open forums where everyone can come to listen to other people's stories. If more extensive care is needed, they should discuss it with their DUI Defense Lawyer in Los Angeles.

The person may also turn to close friends and family members who might understand the situation, and they could be shocked by how many people do not go around openly expressing their emotions but have been in a similar situation, so knowing that they are not alone when dealing with a DUI case may be comforting.

Should You Answer Police Questions Or Contact Your DUI Attorney?

Someone who has been arrested for driving under the influence would prefer not to discuss the situation with anyone. The DUI Attorney would like you to have as little contact with law enforcement, judges, or even insurance adjusters as possible because everything would go through the attorney's office.

You want the DUI Attorney to be the spokesperson; because, in most cases, law enforcement officers will not touch anyone they arrested in a normal DUI situation. If there are extenuating circumstances, such as an accident, an extra investigation may be conducted, and the person charged with the crime may not wish to speak with the police. They may like to contact their DUI Attorney to inform the officers that they have one, so they would want to remain quiet and have their attorney respond to any questions.

Because the person is unable to comply with law enforcement, the best option is to go through the attorney's office. This protects the person from potentially incriminating comments.

The person would be required to deal through their own insurance firm, but this could be accomplished via their attorney's office as well.

Should the individual reveal information about previous DUIs to their DUI Attorney?

Throughout the DUI process, it is important for the individual to work with their DUI Attorney. Since the attorney/client privilege prevents the attorney from disclosing sensitive details that may be damaging, it's better to get all of the information to the DUI Attorney.

People don't really know how far a DUI case can go in terms of how it affects work or international travel. In addition, the client may ensure that the counsel is aware of any possible defenses to the lawsuit. Legal defenses, objective defenses, and science defenses are all possibilities. Medical conditions may also have an impact on a DUI event, affecting one's ability to drive, operate a motor vehicle, and conduct standardized field sobriety checks. Many people are unaware that mental or physical health issues can influence how someone performs on field sobriety tests.

Is it necessary for the individual to abstain from alcohol or drug-related activities?

Your DUI Attorney wants to make sure you don't get convicted. If it does unfortunately happen, your DUI Attorney will want to make sure that it was a one-time occurrence and that you wouldn't be back for a second or third DUI. If anyone made a mistake or was stopped for a DUI on a one-time basis, it would be the end of it.

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However, people can get into trouble again from time to time, so your DUI Defense lawyer makes sure you take the appropriate precautions to prevent more contact with law enforcement, particularly if the case is still pending or they are on probation. It can have an impact on whether anyone remains out of prison because if they are charged with a new crime, they will most likely be arrested and will have to battle two cases from jail rather than just one.

We make every effort to ensure that no one drinks and drives or drives when under the influence of drugs. You want to be certain that there is no such thing as illicit drug use. You should also make every effort to ensure that all drinking occurs in a responsible place and at a responsible time, as your DUI Attorney will want to ensure that they can provide the best case possible in order to obtain the best possible outcome in a case.

Is it necessary for the person to attend any functions, information sessions, or classes?

When dealing with a DUI case, it is important to follow the advice of your solicitor. In a courthouse or a courtroom, there are often subtle differences that can make the difference between winning and losing a case. Before the case even begins, an attorney may advise someone to begin attending Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings.

The attorney's advice may be based not only on the facts of the individual's case but also on the attorney's experience of the courtroom and the habits of the bench officer, judge, or commissioner. If the DUI Attorney advises that the individual attend AA meetings, they should do so and keep track of their attendance.

The DUI Attorney can also suggest more serious treatment, such as inpatient or rehab services, but the client should keep in mind that these suggestions are based on the attorney's expertise and understanding, as well as the facts of the case. It can certainly support a case if it is presented in the best possible light, and it can also hurt a case if it is not.

An ankle monitor or a SCRAM anklet, which stands for "Safe Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor," may be recommended by the solicitor. They would not ask the person to do so simply because it would be fun, but because it would be something that might support or hinder the case if they did not do so, so it would be best to follow the attorney's advice on attending classes or meetings.

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