How Is Alimony Decided In California?

Quick Guide To How Spousal Support Is Decided In 2022

Every divorce is different because every marriage is different. There are several factors that can contribute to decisions made by the court, including the need for alimony or spousal support. One important detail about alimony is that it could either be temporary, permanent, or can stop based on the changes in the beneficiaries life.

Let's discuss alimony, and how it's being decided by California Family Law.

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1. Temporary Alimony Payments

Determining alimony payments is an important component of negotiating a divorce settlement. Temporary alimony payments allow the vulnerable spouse to be rewarded while the final amount is worked out.

Temporary alimony laws are designed to allow each spouse to maintain their lifestyle before and after a divorce is finalized. Financial reasons usually take precedence in this situation.

Choosing a Payment Plan for Temporary Alimony

Payments on expenses like energy, mortgage payments, and other debts are frequently considered while determining interim alimony. Aspects of a couple's past will be considered as well.

The variables listed below are examples of details that may be taken into account while determining interim alimony:

  • The duration of the marriage

  • The reason for the divorce

  • Financial resources

  • Standard of living

  • The health of the couple

  • The justification of the alimony

  • Loans

With these factors, the courts should be able to work out how much you'll get (or pay) after the divorce. To help you get through this excruciating process, consult your California Divorce Attorney immediately.