How to Apply for a "Green Card" in California

Relevant Immigration Process For Green Card Application In California

The two most common ways to get a permanent residency (green card) are either through a relative who is a citizen or lawful permanent resident of the United States or through an employer who requires your specific set of abilities.

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5 Crucial Steps For Applying For A Green Card

The process of applying/filing for a green card in California is as follows:

  1. Determine your eligibility to apply for a green card

  2. Submit an application form to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

  3. Wait for the USCIS to review your application.

  4. A scheduled interview with the USCIS.

  5. You will be given a green card valid for 10 years if approved.

That said, your entry will depend on your eligibility. For example, some can apply through a family member, while others can get entry through employment, investments, religious reasons, etc.

To avoid confusion about the process, your eligibility, or your requirements, contact one of our prescreened California immigration lawyers. A top immigration lawyer in California knows the ins and outs of the rigorous process, so they can advise you on what to do and how to ensure you get your green card.

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Who Is Eligible To Apply For Green Cards In California?

Before you even file for an application, you first need to fall into any of the following categories:

1. Family Members Of Legal Permanent Residents And Green Card Holders

The right to petition for the permanent immigration of specific family members is granted to United States citizens and lawful permanent residents. This kind of green card is intended to encourage family harmony. However, family members have various waiting periods depending on your relationship to the petitioning resident and your country of birth.

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Employer-sponsored immigration status

2. Employment-Based Green Cards

An employment-based petition is a different route to a green card. The process typically starts with submitting a labor certification to the Department of Labor. Advertising for qualified American workers is a part of the labor certification procedure.

If no skilled American workers reply, a labor certification is filed. After the labor certification is approved, the business must also demonstrate that it can pay the employee the standard rate for employment.

3. The Green Card Lottery

The Diversity Immigrant Visa Program runs once a year, granting randomly selected applicants a green card. As long as you're an immigrant from a qualified country and fits their education and experience requirement, you'll be able to join in and get a chance to be selected.

That said, there is a level of uncertainty with this method. After all, it is an electronic lottery, so keep that in mind