How To Get a Green Card in Los Angeles

Updated: Aug 29

Getting a green card is a notoriously difficult process. However, if you have the right qualifications, submit the right documents, and go through the application process, you'll be able to get your green card eventually.

So, before you jump into the application process, you should first consider your qualifications, which path is best for you, and what you can do to improve the process.

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Who Qualifies For A Green Card In California?

According to California green card laws, there are several ways to qualify for a green card application. This is all depending on who you are and what your purpose is.

You must first fit into one of the following categories before you can even apply:

1. Family Members Permanent Residents And Green Card Holders

Citizens of the United States and legal permanent residents are entitled to petition for certain family members' immigration on a permanent basis. The goal of this type of green card is to promote family unity.

However, family members have different waiting periods depending on your relationship with the petitioning resident and your country of birth. For example, your children or your parents could have different qualifications.

If you're interested in finding out more about how to bring your family to the US, get in touch with the best immigration lawyers in Los Angeles.

2. Green Cards Based on Employment

A different path to getting a green card is through an employment-based petition. Typically, the Department of Labor must obtain a labor certification before the procedure can begin. A step in the labor certification process involves advertising for qualified American workers.

A labor certification is submitted if no skilled American workers respond. Following approval of the labor certification, the company must show that it can afford to pay the employee the wage for work.

If you're missing something or want to know more about an employment-based application, contact prescreened green card attorneys in Los Angeles.

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3. Green Card Lotteries

Once a year, the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program issues green cards to candidates who were chosen at random. You can participate and have a chance to be selected if you're an immigrant from a qualifying nation and meet their educational and experience requirements.

Nevertheless, there is some degree of uncertainty with this approach. First, remember that it is a computerized lottery if you're thinking about immigrating to the US.

4. Other Immigrants

Other more specific types of immigrants might qualify for a green card under immigration law. This might include:

  • US citizens who have been abroad for more than a year and are permanent residents

  • Religious immigrants

  • Foreign medical graduates

These cases aren't familiar, so if you want to know the best option for your specific situation, you should consult Los Angeles Green Card Attorneys to find the best options for you.

5. Overseas Investors

People are given preferential entrance into the US if they contribute a specified amount to the American economy and create at least 5 new jobs. California is a significant economic hub. Thus foreign investors frequently come through their companies.

If you're unsure how to submit an application or file for the specified entry, speak with one of our prescreened Los Angeles green card lawyers.

Crucial Steps To Get A Green Card In Los Angeles, California

The easiest way to apply for a green card in California is to take the following steps:

  • Check to see if you're qualified to submit a green card application.

  • Send an application to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

  • Wait and be patient as the USCIS examines your application.

  • A USCIS interview will be scheduled.

  • If granted, you will receive a green card that will be good for ten years.

In light of this, your entry will be based on your eligibility. For instance, some may submit an application through a family member who is already a resident or has a green card, while others may be admitted due to their employment, investments, religious organizations, etc.

Remember the process and waiting times for your green card application approval highly depend on who you are and your purpose for entry.

Contact one of our prescreened California immigration attorneys to clarify the procedure, your eligibility, or your needs. An immigration green card lawyer will be knowledgeable about the intricate process and can provide advice on what to do and how to make sure you receive your green card.

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