What You Need To Know About Probate In Lancaster, CA

A Quick Guide To The Probate Process In California

Probate can be confusing and difficult to comprehend. In most estate law cases, though, you won't be able to avoid it. Coming in blind would put you at a disadvantage, given the stakes involved in the probate of properties and assets.

Let's start with the most common inquiries about California Probate Laws, which our pre-screened Lancaster Estate Law Attorneys frequently answer.

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How Long Does It Take To Get A Will?

According to California law, a will executor or other representative of the deceased must complete the probate process within a (1) year of their appointment (usually months after the date of death) or formally explain their inability to the court.

That said, depending on how busy the courts are or if an error is made along the way, the process might take anywhere from 18 to 24 months.

A Lancaster Estate Law Attorney will be able to assist you with organizing and compiling relevant paperwork, as well as reminding you of critical dates.

How Much Do You Have To Pay For Probate In California?

Probate fees include court fees, executor's fees, property assessment fees, pricing for certified copies of documents, accounting fees, and legal fees.

If a Will is disputed, or if the beneficiaries disagree with the distribution in any other way, the costs will definitely be far greater, and the process could take years.

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Is Going Through Probate Really Necessary for Me?

It is a common fallacy that all you need to claim your inheritance is a Will. In California, a "Last Will & Testament" does not shield you from having to go through probate.