What Are Your Trade Secret Rights In Palmdale?

Defining Trade Secret Protections In Palmdale, California

When you have something that gives you an advantage over your competitors, you'll want to protect it. Even though trade secrets are intangible, they are extremely valuable to a company. Trade secrets are protected in California from theft, and any infractions can be resolved with the help of a Palmdale Business Law Attorney.

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Intellectual property (IP) refers to various intangible personal property categories subject to ownership and other legal rights under state and federal laws. Among the safeguards provided are trade secrets, patents, copyrights, mask works, and trademarks.

Trade secrets protect specific types of proprietary information. This sort of IP protection can give the most long-lasting legal rights for intangible personal property if the property fulfills the criteria of a trade secret and the owner takes the appropriate steps to protect its secrecy.

What Are The Laws That Apply To Trade Secrets?

The Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016 ("DTSA"), updated in 2016, protects trade secrets at the federal level in the United States. In addition, state trade secret statutes and common law safeguard trade secrets at the state level.

In summary, California's UTSA broadens trade secret protections, offers greater damages where misappropriation is proven and allows for the recovery of additional costs when a plaintiff successfully sues to preserve its trade secret rights.

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Notably, California law does not recognize the inevitable disclosure doctrine. A plaintiff must describe the trade secrets at issue in the case in sufficient detail for the defendants to grasp what they're defending against before discovery may begin.

Contact a Palmdale Business Law Attorney in California if you need additional information on the specific laws that protect you.

What Are Trade Secrets and How Are They Defined?

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