How To Become An Organ Donor In Norwalk, California

The Basics Or Becoming An Organ Donor In California

When someone dies, they still have a chance to help someone live. A lot of organ donations are made through willing decedents who sign permissions and agreements to post-humously donate their organs to those who need them.

That said, here's a quick guide on how to become an organ donor (while you're alive) in Norwalk, California.

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How Does Organ Donation Work?

While there are no limits on signing up for organ donation other than parental agreement for children, this does not guarantee that any or all of your organs will be recoverable after your death.

Because time is a limiting factor, only around 1% of hospital fatalities result in organ donation. Most organs are only healthy for a limited period of time after death, and their donation follows a stringent procedure.

Before a hospital can transfer a deceased individual to an organ procurement organization (OPO) for review, two doctors (who are not involved in organ transplantation) must certify the donor brain dead.

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If the donor fits the donation criteria, their family will be notified and requested for permission to proceed with the surgery. The next person on the organ transplant waiting list will be contacted once the family has given their consent.

Being an organ donor has no bearing on your funeral plans; your family can still pick an open casket ceremony and will not have to wait any longer for your service.

That said, becoming an organ donor is one of the many ways you can prepare for life before you die. You can also work with a Norwalk Estate Planning Lawyer in California for wills, inheritance, and other final arrangements to ensure everything is sorted out before you die.

How to Register As An Organ Donor In Norwalk, California

Surprisingly enough, it's actually quite easy to become an organ donor in Norwalk, California. You only need to declare permission or approval of becoming an organ donor while you're alive.

Here are the most common ways people become organ donors: