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California Attorney Search - Clients Lawyers Want To Avoid

Updated: 7 days ago

Things You Need To Know Before You Begin Your Attorney Search in California

There're a lot of misconceptions that lawyers will take any case, from any client at any time because they are always money hungry. Nothing could be further from the truth, an experienced lawyer will also screen clients and avoid those who display some personality characteristics that signal trouble.

Before you begin your California attorney search, keep these tips in mind to help you increase your chances of finding the best lawyer for your legal case. The legal industry can sometimes be very stressful as it is, dealing with courts, deadlines, and a managing a law practice are just some of the responsibilities of a lawyer. Avoiding problem clients, regardless of the type of case is always on top of a successful California lawyer's priority list.

Having said that, these are the type of clients lawyers always try to avoid:

The Angry

Someone with anger management problems is always a bad client, many reports show lawyers being the target of attacks by clients who take their frustrations on a them. Many people falsely believe that lawyers must help them with their legal issue regardless of their ability to pay for legal fees. No, like any other type of professional relationship, there must be respect and cooperation between both parties. Lawyers can pick up these signs from the first contact (even by the way a client expresses him/herself in an email)

The One Looking For Revenge

This is usually the same angry client, what's worse, this type of client is driven by revenge and with a false believe of irrational retribution. This type of client believes that a "dead man cannot talk" and usually will pursue their opponents driven by rage and anger. Clients driven by revenge are usually not satisfied with a case's outcome unless it is what they believe it should be.

The One With Unreasonable Expectations

Lawyers will help you making sure your rights are protected and you get a fair outcome in a legal case. However, lawyers aren't magicians and cannot simply do what is demanded by a client who has unreasonable expectations. These expectations could be:

  • About service

  • About time

  • About costs

  • About results

To avoid unreasonable expectations, make sure you go through the list of questions and concerns with your lawyer BEFORE signing a retainer agreement. When all cards are on the table from day one, both you and your lawyer will have a clear path and understanding about how your case will progress in a reasonable manner in terms of performance and timelines.

The Inappropriate One

You'd be surprised to know how often a lawyer is approached with inappropriate alternate forms of payment for their legal services. One thing to keep in mind is that great lawyers will never risk their license to practice law over inappropriate and unwanted suggestions by one of their clients.

The Rude Client

The rude client is the one who will always be annoying, pushy, and demanding. This is someone who will never be satisfied and will not appreciate the time and effort put forth by his or her lawyer.

Law practice involves representing people who made a mistake or are in trouble because of someones else wrongdoing, and as long as there's respect and cooperation their relationship will be productive and constructive. Don't become your lawyer's nightmare, you'll get a lot more done being nice to your lawyer and if you appreciate their work.