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California Motorcycle Accident Facts You Need To Know In 2022

Updated: Nov 18

Motorcycle-Related Laws In California

Motorcycle accidents are more dangerous than most vehicular accidents. Even while wearing helmets and other protective gear, Motorists are more vulnerable than someone who is in a car. Medical bills, rehabilitation fees, lost wages, and property damage can all stress an injured motorist's recovery.

Here are some key points to remember if you're in a motorcycle accident in California, including what you should do about your bills and lost income and your legal and settlement choices.

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On the road, motorcycle riders face a range of threats that passenger vehicle drivers do not:

  • Motorcycles are much smaller than ordinary automobiles, making them more difficult to spot. A motorbike rider is frequently undetected in a car's blind spots.

  • Motorcycles are more likely to flip or overturn than passenger cars because riders balance on two wheels, which is essentially less stable than passengers of four-wheeled vehicles.

  • Motorcyclists can be heavily injured from potholes, puddles of water, and debris, which are minor annoyances to cars.

  • Motorcyclists are in significantly more danger than passengers in passenger cars when they collide with other vehicles. They may or may not be wearing helmets, and they are not wearing seat belts or airbags. As a result, even minor car accidents frequently push motorcyclists onto the pavement.

  • Motorcyclists are 28 times more likely than other vehicle occupants to die in a traffic collision per mile traveled due to these dangers.

If you're in a motorcycle accident, you'll almost certainly have more significant recovery costs. Contact a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer to assist you with your insurance (and maybe civil lawsuit) claims.

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Biases Against Motorists In Personal Injury Cases

Many American drivers despise motorcycle riders for a variety of reasons. Because of their size, the fact that certain bikes generate a lot of noise, and their inclination to appear out of nowhere from a car's blind spot, motorcycles are considered dangerous. These stereotypes imply that drivers are far more reckless than they actually are.

Unfortunately, many individuals hold these prejudices, so the stigma associated with motorcycle riders persists. These inherent biases frequently taint injured riders' personal injury claims. As a result, when injured motorcyclists' cases get to trial, they may receive lower verdicts than passenger car drivers in similar circumstances.

People believe that it is always the driver's fault. When you're seeking to receive insurance reimbursements to cover the damages you've suffered as a result of the accident, this might be extremely harmful.

The implications of this discrimination are felt throughout the insurance business, even if most damage claims do not go to trial. Insurance companies know that if the case goes to court, the rider has a decreased chance of prevailing. As a result, they frequently make reduced payments to motorcyclists.

A caring Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer can assist you in overcoming misconceptions and obtaining the compensation you deserve. They will not only be able to represent you in talks but also handle all of the essential documentation, investigations, and other legal and settlement-related tasks.

Laws Concerning Motorcycles In California

In general, motorcycles must follow the same rules as other vehicles. They have the same rights and responsibilities as bigger vehicle drivers, including following the speed limit, traffic signs, and signals.

There are a few exceptions, however, that exclusively apply to motorcycle riders:

  • Motorcycle riders are required to obtain a separate motorcycle license. You'll need more than a conventional driver's license to lawfully ride a motorcycle. Motorcycle riders must typically complete a training course to master motorcycle riding principles, followed by written and practical assessments.

  • Many motorcycle riders, however, are ignorant of the need. If a biker is caught riding without a valid motorcycle license, they will be issued a citation, even if they have a passenger car license. Even if the other party was at fault, the case might be compromised if a motorcyclist in a collision does not have a valid license.

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  • In California, motorcyclists are required to wear a helmet. In 19 states, including California, motorcycle helmets are compulsory. The majority of other states do not have universal helmet laws. However, they may have a partial helmet requirement that extends to children and younger riders.

  • Motorcyclists are also required to wear a variety of protective clothing and equipment. They could be obliged to wear eye protection even if they are not required to wear a helmet. They may also be required to wear padded clothing and equip their motorcycle with reflectors, turn signals, safety lights, and other passenger-friendly equipment. So, before you hit the road, double-check the equipment requirements in your state.

  • In California, motorcycle riders have the ability to split lanes. Lane splitting is only possible with motorbikes because no other vehicle is small enough to fit between lanes. Except for California, every state in the US prohibits lane splitting. Motorbikes can move between lanes of stopped cars to get to the front of an intersection at a traffic light using lane filtering. In California, a rider who is injured while lane-splitting has the right to sue.

These laws may have an impact on your Personal Injury Claims in California. For example, if you rode your motorcycle without a helmet, you violated the law and will impact your rewards. Similarly, if you were hurt while correctly lane-splitting, the motorist that collided with you bears additional obligation.

If you have any questions or concerns concerning specific state legislation, consult your Top Rated Personal Injury Attorney In Los Angeles for further information. After all, not all motorcycle accidents are the same; therefore, yours may have its own set of circumstances.

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