What Causes Bicycle Accidents In California?

Updated: Apr 21

Main Causes Of Bicycle Accidents In California And Why You Should Look Out For Them

Bicyclists are vulnerable when riding and can get serious injuries if involved in an accident. However, the majority of bicycle accidents are avoidable. Usually, the leading cause is a simple failure to follow traffic laws and failing to treat cyclists with respect.

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1. Not Yielding

Bicyclists have the same rights on the road as drivers. Many cars, however, fail to give bicycles the space they require or to respect their right to use the road, whether purposefully or accidentally. In addition, in a variety of situations, drivers fail to yield to bicyclists in many circumstances, including:

  • Approaching a crossroads

  • Merging

  • Turning

  • Backing out of driveways and other enclosed areas

  • Failure to obey traffic signals such as stop signs or red lights

To avoid bicycle accidents, motorists must observe the traffic rules and respect the right of bicyclists to be on the road.

If you were in an accident due to someone else's negligence, consult with a California Attorney For Personal Injury immediately.

2. Driving While Distracted

To avoid potential threats, such as bicycles, drivers must maintain constant focus. Cell phones, navigation systems, and eating and drinking can all divert a driver's attention away from the road, endangering bikers.

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Drivers who are inebriated are equally dangerous to themselves and others on the road. Drowsy drivers risk losing control of their vehicles if they fall asleep behind the wheel.

Drugged-up or inebriated drivers have poorer reaction times and may lack the judgment needed to stay in their lane, properly perform turns, and avoid impending hazards like bicycles.

Aside from a DUI, the negligent party will also be responsible for any injuries, financial losses, and emotional difficulties you'll suffer as a result of the accident. Contact a California Personal Injury Lawyer to start building a case.

3. Driving Aggressively

Aggressive driving occurs when a driver engages in dangerous behavior with the intent of endangering others. When a driver acts in this manner with another driver, it is extremely dangerous, but when a bicycle is the focus of road rage, it can be fatal. The following are some examples of aggressive driving:

  • Racing or speeding

  • Tailgating

  • Disobeying traffic signals

  • Dangerous lane changes

  • Obstructing the bicycle lane

  • Honking or verbal abuse

When confronted with an aggressive driver, a cyclist's best bet is to avoid them as much as possible. Engaging with an aggressive motorist can quickly exacerbate the situation, putting bicyclists and other road users in danger.

4. Hazardous Road Conditions

Accidents are sometimes caused by the road itself, rather than by other vehicles.

Bicyclists are far more affected by sudden changes in the road surface than larger vehicles, and they can lose control. Potholes are widespread on roads because of long-term wear and tear or unfavorable weather conditions.

Potholes that aren't repaired or are patched with low-quality patches can pose a major hazard to cyclists. Bicycle tires can get stuck on sewer grates, railroad lines, or trolley tracks, causing the biker to fall off or veer towards oncoming traffic.

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