When Can You File A Copyright Claim In Lancaster, California?

A Basic Guide To Copyright Litigation In California

Coming up with unique ideas and designs takes time, effort, and creativity. You wouldn't want anyone stealing those ideas and concepts from you. That's why it's important to protect your right to own, produce, and make money off of your hard work.

If you're still weighing in on whether or not to call a California Copyright Infringement Lawyer, here's a quick guide to help you better understand your rights under copyright laws.

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What Is Copyright Infringement?

In essence, copyright infringement occurs when you use one or more of a copyright owner's exclusive rights. So if you use another person's work, you may be answerable for "copyright infringement."

The following are the exclusive rights that a copyright owner has:

  • Make many copies of the work

  • Create a derivative work based on the original

  • Make copies of the work available to the general public

  • Put the copyrighted work on exhibit

  • Put copyrighted work on sale

  • To perform or play the work publicly (i.e., audio recordings, etc.)

To find out more about your rights, consult with a Lancaster Copyright Litigation Attorney in California. An attorney will be able to look at your case, review your rights, and help you protect your rights.

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