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Can You Sue For Defective Construction In Pasadena?

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Can Someone Be Liable For Poor Build And Construction In California?

Buildings are a huge part of businesses. Whether you're using it as a storefront, storage, or office, a faulty building can lead to a slew of problems in the long run. Leaking roofs can damage equipment and stored products, poor structure can endanger employees and customers, and other building problems can delay and sabotage operations.

In short, you'll want a good building, and you are protected by California law when you're tricked into paying for defective building materials.

This post will talk about building defects, why it matters, and how you can file claims with a Pasadena Building Defect Attorney in California.

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Let's take a look at what constitutes a construction problem and why you might require the services of a Pasadena Building Defect Attorney.

The following are examples of construction flaws:

  • Any flaws or deficiencies in the planning and execution of the structure's design, planning, supervision, inspection, or organization

  • When a structure is not built reasonably

  • The structure does not work in the way the buyer reasonably expected it to

Defects include foundation and frame integrity, expanding soils, mechanical and electrical systems, and water intrusion, which can lead to dangerous mold, thermal and moisture protection, doors and windows, and finishes.

Consult a Pasadena Defect Construction Attorney if you have any issues with your house or structure construction.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Defects?

Building flaws are classified into four categories by courts:

1. Design Errors

Design errors are frequently caused by building outside of the permitted construction regulations. For example, architects and engineers (who design buildings and systems) do not always work as specified, resulting in defects.

A shoddy roof, for example, can result in water penetration, inadequate drainage, or insufficient structural support. In addition, business structures that are poorly planned can be vulnerable to earthquakes and other natural calamities.

Negligent design specialists are frequently to blame for design flaws, generating long-term problems for the structure's owner. A pre-screened Pasadena Defect Construction Attorney can help determine whether design defects caused the losses.

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2. Deficient Materials

Even when properly installed, substandard building materials can cause significant problems, such as windows that leak or fail to perform and function properly.

Here are some examples of poor materials that might wreak havoc on your structure:

  • Windows that have been incorrectly processed

  • Building paper that has been put in correctly

  • Flashing, building paper, waterproofing, and asphalt roofing shingles are all deteriorating

  • The drywall is in bad shape

A Pasadena Defect Construction Litigation Attorney could inform you if material flaws were the source of a problem.

3. Deficient Construction

Poor construction can lead to a slew of issues. Here are a few examples:

  • Mold can grow in an environment created by water infiltration through a portion of the building.

  • Other problems include foundation or wall cracks, dry rotted timber, electrical and mechanical faults, plumbing leaks, and pest infestation.

A pre-screened Pasadena Defect Construction Lawyer should have the tools and knowledge to assess whether a defect was caused by construction problems or something else entirely.

4. Surface Deficiencies

A lack of a secure foundation can lead to cracked foundations, floor slabs, and other structural issues. Furthermore, if the subsurface conditions are not properly compacted and prepared for adequate drainage, the property may experience concerns such as the structure moving or sliding, flooding, and, in rare cases, more significant issues such as landslides.

Consult a Pasadena Defect Construction Attorney to determine whether subsurface flaws caused an issue.

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What Is The California Statute Of Limitations For Defective Construction Litigation?
The statute of limitations is a deadline for filing a claim. Because these statutes are complicated, you should speak with a Pasadena Defect Construction Litigation Attorney.

The time limits typically begin to run when a reasonable person discovers or should have discovered the problem. You must bring legal action against the defendant within the time restrictions specified by state law if the insufficiency is readily evident upon reasonable investigation.

If the problem is latent or not immediately apparent by reasonable inspection, you must take any action to collect damages within ten years after the modifications are substantially completed. is a California Bar Association Certified Lawyer Referral Service that can refer you to a pre-screened California Attorney best fit to handle your claims.

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