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How Much Compensation Can I Claim For A Burn Injury In Los Angeles?

Updated: Nov 28

A Quick Guide To Burn Injury Settlements In California

When you get into an accident, you have the right to file burn injury claims and hold the negligent party responsible for the financial and emotional losses you incur. A burn injury compensation can help you recover from medical bills, rehab fees, medication, income loss, emotional distress, and future repercussions.

So, California burns injury settlements can depend on several factors. But first, let's discuss how the best personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles calculate them.

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Factors That Affect Burn Injury Settlements In Los Angeles

Burn Injury Claims in Los Angeles could be affected by economic and non-economic factors:

Medical Expenses

Medical and hospital bills and travel to and from the doctor are usually recoverable if you can show that the person you're suing is at fault. This might be one of the most expensive immediate costs you'll incur due to the accident.

Loss of Earnings

Pay less or paid time off due to an injury are handled similarly. Wages, commissions, and vacation time can all be recovered. However, you have nothing to recover if your job gives unlimited paid sick time and you don't lose pay due to missing work.

Pain And Suffering

This is almost often where a substantial chunk of the money goes when you read about multimillion-dollar settlements. Healing from some injuries is, without a doubt, a dreadful and miserable experience for which burn injury compensation is justified.

There is no set asking price for pain and suffering, though. First, you must persuade the judge that you have suffered genuine discomfort and anguish. Providing medical bills is the most efficient way to accomplish this. This is why a California personal injury lawyer typically urges their clients to get medical help and their injuries on medical records ASAP.

Punitive Damages

Formal trial courts can impose additional damages if an injury is caused by the defendant's deliberate or purposeful actions (usually a fraudulent or criminal act).

When the defendant is wealthy, these damages, which are supposed to penalize him, can be in the millions. Hence, you'll often hear about huge verdicts when the defendants are huge companies.

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What Should You Do If You Have A Burn Injury In Los Angeles?

Following an injury-causing accident, you may be afraid, hurt, and overwhelmed. This makes deciding what to do challenging. Following these steps will ensure that you get an accurate diagnosis and treatment while safeguarding your rights.

Step 1: Seek medical attention ASAP.

Burn injuries need immediate medical attention. Have a medical professional look at you and treat you right away. This is to make sure you're safe and get your current state unto medical records. So, call 911 right away.

More importantly, you might suffer from injuries that aren't immediately apparent. Depending on how the accident happened, you could be suffering from bruising, hemorrhage, or head injuries.

Step 2: Gather Information

If you can, try to gather as much information as you can. Take photos, ask for witnesses' names, and so on.

However, you shouldn't force yourself if your current state is dire. Your Los Angeles Burn Injury Attorney can do the investigation for you later on.

Step 3: Talk To Police Officers

In some cases, police officers will ask you or a family member about the situation. Talk to the officers, stick with the facts, and have your account of the situation jotted down in a police report.

That said, even if you believe you were somewhat to blame for the accident, do not confess guilt. Even well-intentioned admissions of wrongdoing could be used against you in the future.

Again, if you cannot do this now, don't force yourself. Your Los Angeles Burn Injury Attorney can gather witnesses, investigate the case, and file all the essential paperwork for you.

Step 4: Speak With A Burn Injury Attorney In Los Angeles

A California personal injury lawyer can help you through burn injury lawsuits. They'll be able to help you gather evidence, prove your claim, and get compensation to recover ASAP.

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