How To Become A Financial Conservator In Santa Ana, California

How Conservatorships Are Filed In California

When someone cannot handle their assets due to age or mental incapacities, a family member can become a conservator to manage their assets. That said, becoming a conservator for your loved ones is a long process, so you need to know the essential steps to take before going forward with it.

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1. Fill Out A Conservatorship Petition and Send It In

One of the first steps in obtaining a conservatorship in Santa Ana, California, is to complete and file a conservatorship petition. Unfortunately, these petition papers are extensive and challenging to comprehend without the help of an expert.

The papers include information on the following:

  • Potential conservator

  • The conservatee

  • The conservatee's immediate family

  • The reasons for conservatorship.

In addition, the petition must specify that a conservatorship is the only choice. In the end, the petition must be filed in the municipal court where the putative conservatee resides.

For help with all stages of the petition process, from completing papers to filing them, contact a Santa Ana Estate Lawyer.

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2. Send The Court A Notice of Petition

After the petition is submitted, the court clerk will set a court date. At this point, the potential conservatee must be notified of the conservatorship petition by a neutral adult.