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What If Your Insurance Company Refuses Your Personal Injury Claim In California?

Updated: Oct 4

What Happens When A California Personal Injury Claim Is Taken To Court?

In most cases, Personal Injury Claims stay out of court. The process normally stays between you, your California Personal Injury Attorney, and the insurance company. This usually involves some negotiation to reach a settlement.

However, some insurance companies will still refuse your claim. They'll continue to trivialize your injuries and losses to keep the payout at a minimum. You and your Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer will need to take things to court when this happens. Here's what might transpire when you do:

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Your Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney may advise you to launch a personal injury lawsuit if the insurance firm refuses to make you a reasonable settlement offer.

While the vast majority of personal injury lawsuits are settled out of court, in some situations, going to court is the best approach to collect the compensation you deserve. If that's the case, your Personal Injury Attorney in Los Angeles, California should guide you through the following stages, which are identical to those involved in filing an insurance claim:

1. Filing Court Documents

Your initial filing or complaint, like a demand letter, will include the facts of the case against the at-fault motorist as well as the damages you are seeking.

In most cases, the insurance company will respond to your complaint by disputing your evidence or losses.

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2. Discovery

It's possible that this step has already been completed. Both parties may, however, have the option to find or request new evidence.

Your Top Rated Personal Injury Attorney In Los Angeles will likely find more evidence to support documents, receipts, and other available proof.

3. Mediation

The court and/or your Personal Injury Lawyer In California may urge you to try mediation to settle your issue before going to trial in many circumstances.

A neutral third party (the mediator) fosters discussion and negotiation during mediation. However, the mediator is unable to make a binding decision or judgment; instead, they can only facilitate mutual agreement.

4. Trial

If mediation fails, your claim will be tried at a court of law. Your California Attorney For Personal Injury will present your case to a judge and/or jury in most cases.

Despite the fact that this stage can be difficult, your lawyer will typically handle all parts of the trial.

5. Verdict

At the conclusion of the trial, the judge and/or jury will render a decision. An appeal may be necessary in some instances.

Even if you eventually file a claim against the responsible party, just a small percentage of lawsuits make it to the courtroom. Instead, most cases are settled out of court, generally through mediation.

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Insurance companies are ultimately businesses. As a result, they will prioritize making a profit above everything else. So sometimes, they'll trivialize injuries and reduce the amount of payable compensation.

However, it is your right as an insured party to receive compensation that tantamounts to all the financial, emotional, and career losses you suffer.

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