How To Calculate California Personal Injury Damages

Updated: Apr 21

How Much Compensation Can You Get For California Personal Injury Claims?

When you get into an accident for someone else's negligence, you should be getting compensation based on the losses you suffer because of it. So, the problem here now is quantifying those losses.

Let's discuss the main factors to calculating personal injury damages and how they are handled by our prescreened California Attorneys For Personal Injury.

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1. Medical Bills

Your medical and hospital fees, as well as transportation to and from the doctor, are usually recoverable as long as you can prove that the individual you're suing is at fault. However, if you have health insurance and the insurance company has already paid for your medical expenses, your policy will require you to pay up any money you recover for these expenses to the business.

Insurance firms often don't bother to keep track of or retrieve small claims court judgments since the sums involved aren't worth the effort. Knowing this, many judges are hesitant to give medical bill judgments unless the individual can show that they paid for the treatment out of pocket. However, mention them if you have any uninsured charges or deductible payments.

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Most California Attorneys For Personal Injury will advise that you keep every receipt and invoice. But, of course, this also means that you have to seek medical attention after the accident to record and address your injuries.

2. Loss of Income

Pay loss or paid time off due to an injury are treated similarly. Any lost wages, commissions, or vacation time are all recoverable.

On the other hand, if your job provides unlimited paid sick time and you don't lose pay as a result of missing work, you have nothing to recover.