Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney Reviews

Updated: Mar 28

Why Hire Top Rated Personal Injury Attorneys In Los Angeles

There were 249 attorneys disciplined in 2019 in the state of California, from this group, 124 attorneys are from Los Angeles County alone. A California Personal Injury Attorney has access to all your personal information, including your financials, contacts, personal documents, social security number and even your secrets.

Attorneys in California can be disciplined for various reasons, from failing to perform with competence to misappropriating client funds to gross ethical violations including felonies. Some attorneys who have been disbarred are no longer allowed to practice law in the state of California, yet you'll see a lot of their marketing materials online up and running as if nothing happened.

You should never hire a California Personal Injury Attorney (or an attorney who practices any other area of law) who is not currently eligible to practice law in California.

If you are considering hiring a California Personal Injury Attorney, it is to your benefit to thoroughly investigate an attorney's disciplinary record. You should take into account any previous discipline taken and the details surrounding the disciplinary action.

Every personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles must comply with the California Rules of Professional Conduct which are intended to regulate professional conduct of attorneys licensed by the California State Bar.

These rules have been adopted by the Board of Trustees and approved by the California Supreme Court pursuant to statute to protect the public and to promote high standards, respect, trust and confidence in the legal profession.

The rules and any related standards adopted by the Board are binding on all attorneys in California licensed to practice law. This is how the top personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles stay trusted partners in the pursuit of clients' interests.

That said, if you're looking for a Personal Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles, California (or other nearby cities), consider hiring a prescreened one. 1000Attorneys can help refer you to the best personal injury Lawyer in Los Angeles for your claims.