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California State Bar Attorney Search

In California, there are approximately 46 reported instances of lawyer misconduct every day.


Don't gamble with your legal representation.

Steer clear of self-serving lawyer marketing tactics. Instead, opt for the dependability and ethical standards of vetted, ethical, experienced California attorneys right from the start.

Request a FREE and unbiased lawyer referral now.


Attorneys from our network have received multiple awards

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Our California attorney search vetting process includes


We fact-check professional associations, degrees, awards, working experience, and continuing education requirements. 


Our team conducts criminal background checks and verifies that each attorney is in good standing with the California State Bar at all times.


Attorneys are required to submit progress reports while they work on your case. We monitor his/her performance until your case is resolved.

Legal Fees & Settlements

We also make sure attorneys in our network charge reasonable legal fees and that settlement awards are disbursed on time to our clients.

What our clients say

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Excellent service. I was assigned a lawyer within minutes. He called me within a few hours to discuss my case.

Husam Sam Asi

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work discrimination lawyer review

I had been trying for a week to find an attorney that really cared to take my case. Had talked to 5 other lawyers and not once responded back nor answered. Thats when i reached out, and started talking to alex. Im on the list to start my case. Thanks

Crystal Espino

los angeles wrongful termination attorney reviews
workplace discrimination lawyer review

They were so quick to respond. I got a response from one of the attorneys within a day! He was extremely friendly and professional. I will update this review with the outcome!

Jeanette Gonzalez



Cases were filed against California attorneys and people holding themselves out fraudulently as attorneys.


The amount reimbursed by the California State Bar to 325 victims of attorney misconduct. 


Cases of unauthorized practice of law were opened by the California State Bar for investigation.


California attorneys were either disbarred or suspended for offenses involving serious dishonesty and/or fraud.

*Data obtained from The California State Bar's public records. Official discipline information can be found on an attorney’s individual profile.

2023 California attorney discipline statistics

Best lawyers in California

The importance of hiring vetted California Attorneys

Ensuring ethical and professional legal representation

Hiring vetted California attorneys is crucial to ensure legal representation that adheres to high professional standards, protecting clients' interests and well-being. This is especially important given the high number of disciplinary actions against attorneys in California.

According to the State Bar of California, in 2021 alone, 15,715 cases were opened against attorneys in the state for violations of the State Bar Act and the Rules of Professional Conduct and complaints against non-attorneys for the unauthorized practice of law (UPL). Such disciplinary actions are taken in response to ethical violations, misconduct, and other unprofessional behavior.

❝  For example, in 2020, a Los Angeles employment attorney was disbarred for embezzling over $1.3 million from clients, and in 2019,  another California personal injury attorney was suspended for one year for failing to supervise his law firm's trust account properly. These examples demonstrate the serious consequences of unethical or unprofessional behavior by attorneys. ❞

By hiring vetted, top-rated California attorneys, clients can ensure that their legal professional has a track record of ethical conduct and adherence to professional standards. Attorneys in our network have been thoroughly screened and evaluated by This process also ensures that clients are matched with the best local attorneys with ample experience related to their legal issues. 

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Best California personal injury lawyers
Our lawyer referral certification with The State Bar of California

The State Bar of California, as the regulatory agency responsible for admissions and discipline of California lawyers, is not authorized to offer legal advice or make direct referrals to attorneys for specific cases.


In contrast, - California State Bar Attorney Search is a certified lawyer referral service governed by statutory regulations and State Bar Rules.

While many legal directories, attorney networks, and client-lawyer matching platforms are available online, most are not certified and may promote lawyers who pay for advertising without meeting the required standards.

Our certification ensures clients are referred to experienced, qualified attorneys in Los Angeles County who adhere to high ethical and professional standards. Additionally, our certification serves the public by establishing minimum requirements for participating attorneys and supports efforts to provide affordable legal services.

State Bar Certification
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