How To Find The Best Personal Injury Attorney in Los Angeles

Updated: Apr 8

The Ugly Truth About TV Commercials Featuring The Best Personal Injury Lawyers

The reality of most California Personal Injury Attorneys that appear on TV and radio commercials is that they are not law firms, lawyers, or attorneys at all. The fact is that these are merely advertising companies that charge personal injury attorneys a fee to receive "leads."

If you are overwhelmed with television and radio advertisements from some of these personal injury attorney marketing agencies with "non-attorney spokespersons," you are not the only one. Most commercials claim to be Top Rated Personal Injury Attorneys In Los Angeles with decades of experience.

best personal injury attorney in los angeles

Next time you come across a TV commercial from a "best personal injury attorney in Los Angeles", read the fine print on the bottom of your screen. Most have a disclaimer that reads "not a lawyer referral service" or spokesperson not "an attorney."

A California State Bar certified lawyer referral service has a vetting process in place to find the best personal injury attorneys. Attorneys who are part of an approved lawyer referral service meet minimum experience requirements, including but not limited to a proven track record of:

  • Ethical standards

  • Experience

  • Professional responsibility

  • Great reviews and

  • Performance

Additionally, California Attorneys For Personal Injury who are part of a certified lawyer referral service must be insured and have an immaculate criminal record. Yes, many personal injury lawyers commit crimes every year; you can see some of these characters in action by visiting our attorney discipline section.

That said, it's better for get a referral to prescreened Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys from credible Los Angeles Personal Injury firms.

Marketing Agencies VS Personal Injury Lawyer Referral Services.

Don't be persuaded by flashy TV commercials from marketing companies claiming to be the best personal injury law firm in town. These companies are FOR PROFIT and are NOT law firms or Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys.

The people in their commercials are not