Most Common Types of Insurance Fraud in California

Updated: Apr 22

Common Charges For California Insurance Fraud

The seriousness of a fraud charge is often underestimated. As a result of insufficient legal representation, thousands of people who have been wrongfully convicted face unnecessary sentences and penalties. The truth is that a fraud conviction can have far-reaching consequences in your life. If you have been convicted of fraud, you must retain the services of a Criminal Defense Attorney with the necessary expertise to safeguard your future and reputation.

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Fraud comes in many forms and is one of the most popular forms of white-collar crime. Even if the word "fraud" isn't included in the proceedings against you, suspected crimes like embezzlement may be classified as fraud and subject you to the same penalties. Any suspected crime in which someone is accused of using deceit or dishonesty for financial or personal gain is referred to as fraud.

Insurance Fraud Offenses in California

When you try to collect insurance premiums or benefits to which you are not otherwise entitled, you are committing California insurance fraud.

Insurance Fraud in Automobiles

When a person makes an intentionally false insurance claim or otherwise deceives an insurance provider in order to obtain benefits to which he or she is not legally entitled, this is known as automobile insurance fraud. In California, insurance fraud is typically charged as a crime, punishable by up to five years in state prison. You might need a Criminal Law Attorney to help you overcome it.