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Is A California Motorcycle Injury Claim Worth It?

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How Does Motorcycle Accident Claim In California Benefits Injured Parties?

Unfortunately, a California motorcycle accident lawsuit could drag on for a while. It can be challenging to predict when you will be compensated in some situations, mainly if the circumstances surrounding the bike accident are complicated. Sometimes establishing liability can take 1-2 years (it could be more for very complex cases).

That said, there's a reason why people still pursue a personal injury claim despite how long it takes. Let's discuss why that is, as experienced by our prescreened California motorcycle accident lawyers:

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What Is A Motorcycle Injury Claim In California?

When you are a motorcycle accident victim in California, the experience can be financially draining and physically and emotionally taxing. Having the financial means to cover the costs of your care, treatment, and other expenses is crucial for your ability to recover and get better in situations like this.

Why Is Filing A California Motorcycle Claim Necessary?

Accepting the insurance company's low settlement offer may be alluring, but doing so would be highly unfair, especially if the offer isn't enough to cover your medical expenses, income loss, and emotional distress.

Remember, insurance companies are still businesses. Therefore, it is in their interest to give as little payout as possible. Unfortunately, they usually do this by trivializing your injuries and putting some of the blame on you.

Hence, it's always better to have your Los Angeles motorcycle crash lawyer negotiate with them for you. If you have a strong claim that the insurance provider can't deny, they might be compelled to go for an out-of-court settlement.

Regardless of whether the insurance providers agree to a settlement or let things escalate to the courtroom, your motorcycle accident lawyer can help you through all the crucial steps.

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What Can You Get From A Motorcycle Accident Claim In California?

As mentioned, plaintiffs can claim damages as a result of their injuries. Accordingly, liable parties, either the negligent driver or their insurance provider, can be compelled to compensate you for the following:

You were injured in the motorcycle accident.

Have you suffered a physical ailment or a severe injury due to the collision? Do you need medical attention for your wounds? Do you need to get rehab? You must make a claim in this situation.

Keep meticulous records of all your examinations and medical care. You will later be compensated as a result of this.

Your personal belongings were damaged in the collision.

Did the collision cause any damage to your car or valuables? Depending on the circumstances and the applicable policy, you might also be compensated for your damaged valuables.

Because of the accident, you missed work.

Making a claim will help you recoup your lost wages if the accident rendered you temporarily unable to work. You are entitled to compensation because the responsible party's actions resulted in your income loss.

The accident has impacted your mental health.

In addition, your claim will consider losses such as pain and suffering, mental anguish, and other intangible losses. You deserve the chance to heal. Your compensation may be adjusted if you are experiencing a loss of enjoyment in your daily life, driving anxiety, or post-accident depression.

When the accident was particularly egregious or malicious.

Although rarer than the rest of the damages listed above, the courts might award punitive damages to punish or make an example of the liable parties. This is also a way to deter the defendant and others from doing the same thing again.

What If A Family Member Dies From A Motorcycle Accident In California?

Family members have the right to file wrongful death claims in California. For example, if a family member dies in a motorcycle accident, you can compel responsible parties for funeral costs, income loss, and emotional distress.

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