Who Is Liable For Pool Accidents In California?

Updated: Jan 27

Your Rights In Swimming Pool Accidents And Injury Claims

Pools can be slippery, on top of other dangers it poses. It's so easy to let your guard down in swimming pools because you might be preoccupied with having fun and enjoying your time with family and friends. If you've unfortunately been involved in a swimming pool accident, you should know your next steps to hold people accountable and get damages for the losses you've incurred in the process.

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A swimming pool injury may change fun into tragedy more swiftly or thoroughly than anything else. Only a few moments at the bottom of the ocean can cost the victim and their family a lifetime of misery and sorrow. To assist these families, substantial compensation is offered in California.

That said, in order to get compensation for medical bills and other losses, you need to know your personal injury rights.

Swimming Pool Incidents And The Most Common Causes

Anyone, at any time, can be injured in a swimming pool. Various types of injuries have different effects on different victims.

1. Drowning

Drowning is the most common cause of unintentional death among children under the age of four. Even as adults, children's lungs are still undeveloped. Underwater, a few seconds can feel like an eternity. Furthermore, many victims, both young and old, experience anxiety while they are submerged. Victims can drown in as little as a few feet of water, which is not uncommon.

2. Chemical Toxicity

The majority of people do not link chemical toxicity to swimming pools, yet there is a link. Chlorine and other pool cleaning chemicals are incredibly harmful. Some swimmers may suffer severe chemical burns to their eyes, ears, noses, and/or throats if the chemical level is just a bit too high. If the sufferer has a pre-existing condition, the wounds are even more severe.

On the other hand, bacterial infections could be an issue, especially when the water gets very heated. Bacteria can proliferate quickly if the chemical level is a little too low. These infections are even more dangerous if the sufferer has a pre-existing ailment.

3. Injuries From Broken Or Unsafe Drains