What Are The Common Reasons For Contesting A Will In Newport Beach?

Updated: Apr 21

Legal Grounds For Will Contests In California

If you're unhappy with your portion of the inheritance or believe you were wrongfully left out of the will, you may be entitled to contest it. Contesting a will entails taking the terms of the will and challenging it, usually with the assistance of a Newport Beach Estate Lawyer in California.

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However, you can't just contest a will because you want to. You need legal grounds for your claim, and you may only have standing if you:

  • Are already mentioned in the will

  • Were named in the decedent's previous will

  • Would have been eligible to inherit the estate if the will didn't exist

That said, before you decide on challenging an unfair will, you need to consult with a prescreened Newport Beach Estate Planning Lawyer to help you look through your case. A lawyer will be able to gauge your standing, collect evidence, and negotiate for you.

Who Has The Right To Contest A Will In Newport Beach?

The following parties have legal standing to challenge the will:

  • Those who have previously been identified as beneficiaries in the will

  • Beneficiaries identified in a prior will

  • Beneficiaries who were left out of the most recent version of the will