When Can You Sue For Slip And Fall Accidents In California?

Slip And Fall And Premises Liability Claims In California

A slip and fall lawsuit is a civil action brought against a property owner to recover damages for injuries sustained when a person fell owing to a hazardous condition on the property.

Premises liability lawsuits are a broad group of cases that includes slip and fall claims. If you wish to file one, you can consult with a prescreened California personal injury attorney to help you.

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Are Lawsuits for Slip and Fall Accidents Allowed in California?

According to California law, all property managers and owners must keep their premises safe for occupants, guests, and customers and issue any necessary warnings.

Therefore, if they are unable to do so, it would be considered negligence on their part. You'll have grounds to hire a California Attorney for Personal Injury to help you.

Can a City, County, or Other Public Agency Be Sued for a Slip and Fall?

Cities, counties, and other organizations are expected to maintain the safety of their buildings, playgrounds, parks, streets, and landscaping, including trees, bushes, and flowers on public property.

Mass transit, public colleges and universities, public schools, sanitation and water districts, fire and police departments, public hospitals, and state agencies are just a few examples of public organizations.

Governmental entities may be found accountable